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Mason, I remember when

 Today, Mason, you are 12. It seems so old, yet believable because it feels so long ago that you were born. But I remember when... You were a brand new baby. Your arms would be stretched high above your head, it seemed to be your most comfortable position. We called you touchdown baby. You were a very strong baby, holding your head up and eyes wide open ready to see this cool new world. Today you have grown so much. You are not tall for your age, but have definitely been getting taller and now I can fit your shoes! But I remember when... You first discovered you had feet. It entertained you for so long. I remember laying you on a blanket on the floor and just sitting there with you while you rolled around, played with toys, and voiced your opinion on all things. You were a big fan of Mr. Squeaky Square and the Sunshine that sang to your from the handle of your car seat. Today, you enjoy cooking. You are always ready to start making a meal, your last kitchen project being one of your fa

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