The Gratitude Challenge.

Linking up with Let's Take the Metro for the Gratitude Challenge.
In no particular order, 100 things I am thankful for.

The fact that the baby blues are very short term.
Air conditioning.

The geographical closeness of our family.
Vinegar. Chemical free cleaning. And it makes my hair soft.
My husband and his sacrifices.
Video Camera.
The ability to stay home.
Glass storage containers. Soon to be plastic free in the kitchen!
Graham Crackers.
Our pets, and their ability to distract Mason.
The library.
Our fan. Couldn't sleep without it.
Our Ergo and Boba.

Coffee. I'm not one that needs coffee in the morning to get through the day, I actually just love the taste of it.
Being born in the United States.
The beauty of our planet.
Water. Clean, drinkable, fresh water.
Cloth diapers. Especially after reading this.
A bank account with money in it.
Contacts. I'd hate to have to wear my glasses every day. And, I'm too much of a weenie to do Lasik.
My sister. She's like a built in best friend.
Whole Foods. Now, if only it wasn't so far away.
Free blog hosting.
RVs and the friendly people that own them.
Health insurance.
Mistakes. Without them, we would miss out on a lot of learning.
Amber teething necklaces.
Winter coats.
My sewing machine.
Small towns.
My husband's family and how easy they are to get along with.
Having a place to live.
Snow. It makes winter bearable.
My husband's free summers.
Jim Flowers (our favorite meteorologist).
My dad's knowledge. He's a wise man, and he's only 45.
Exercise balls. That's how we get Mason to sleep.
The ocean.
Community. Both blogging and "real life".
The ability to travel places, near and far.
Video monitors.
Farmers. They work so hard to grow our food, textiles, Christmas trees and other things.
Washing machine. Without it, cloth diapers wouldn't be as much fun.
Glass and trees. I don't think I could live in the dessert.
My ability to cook.
Nursing pads. Saved me from many possible embarrassing moments.
Shoes. My legs and back hurt if I walk around barefoot for too long. Thanks for that, mom.
Texting. It is helping me avoid brain cancer.
Parenthood, the TV show.
Parenthood, the experience.
The mail. Please don't close, USPS.

King Size Beds.
Thumbs. How hard would everything be without them?
Strawberries. Yum.
The arts. Theater, music, visual arts.
Stop signs.
God. Jesus. The works.
Spiders. As much as I am tired of them, they get rid of bugs I hate even more.
The capacity to learn.
The ability to teach.
Foxes. They are just so cute.
Board games. Lots and lots of board games.
Daffodils. They are my favorite.
Eyebrows. Because we look weird without them.
Lush gardens. Like I will have next year.
Tax credits.
Mud. Would childhood have been as fun without it?
Macaroni Salad. Double yum.
Little House on the Prairie. Favorite show ever.

Fingernails and toenails.
The sun.
Weeping willows.


Christy said…
Sitting here enjoying Thanksgiving dinner round 2 and decided to read through everyones lists that linked up on Amanda's blog. Great list! You had some really good ones I never thought of. I love the show Parenthood hehe.
Now, that would be a rewarding practice, I bet: practicing gratitude for all my mistakes. They are many, and varied!

I hope that you and your family enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving!
Amanda said…
So many times going through your list I almost bopped myself on the head because of how many things I forgot! I forgot babywearing and king sized beds and instincts! Yikes! Thank you for reminding me and thank you for joining me :)
Skye said…
Little House on the Prairie?! OMG That might be favorite all time show! It still makes me cry! I just looove it! hahaha! When I was on maternity leave, I got to watch it every day on one of the cable channels! haaha!

Tax credits. Yeah, I'm with ya on that too!

Oh oh and Parenthood - the show- yes! Love it so much. My husband and I don't miss a minute of it!

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