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1000 Hours Outside

One of the struggles I knew we would face when moving from a lovely, rural acreage to an urban upper duplex with a small half yard on a busy street was getting outside. A paramount requirement of childhood. One of many keys to a healthy life. Sunshine. Fresh air. A place for movement, exploration, appreciation, imagination, and contemplation. I had to make getting out a priority for us. While I used to be able to shoo the kids out of the house and they got plenty of time in nature right out the door, this was going to be a challenge. I had seen this 1000 Hours Outside goal floating around for a while before we moved and decided as soon as we became city residents we would begin recording our time outside and try to get the 1k in a year. So far we have spent not quite one hundred hours exploring our local playgrounds, county/state/national parks, and sometimes even just our small half yard. There has also been record amounts of bike riding. Winter is all but officially here now and I …

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