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Expectation Vs. Reality: Wisconsin Edition

We have officially been residents of the state of Wisconsin for a good several months now. I would have to say that overall our transition here has been smooth. I thought I'd do some quick thinking about some ways we thought things would be when we got here to how they have actually turned out.

Expectation: People will be friendly just like in Iowa, it is still the midwest.

Reality: Not exactly. There are friendly people, but not enough. People don't wave from their car, you're lucky to get a hello and/or smile when meeting someone on the sidewalk, and our closest neighbor is not what I'd call neighborly at all. I guess it could also be a bigger population thing, but there is a different kind of nice 'round these parts.

Expectation: I will miss sorely my dishwasher.

Reality: Washing dishes by hand isn't so bad. I wouldn't say I love doing dishes but it really is just fine. I also thought I would hate going back to a two hole sink with a standard faucet that…

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