Friday, April 29, 2011


This is Gatsby. He was recently sprayed by a skunk... nothing new.

Tyler gave him a bath. As you can see in the picture he was not rinsed very well. That is his least favorite part. We took our dogs to Petsmart once to get bathed and they refused to wash Gatsby because he was "going to hurt himself."

After Gatsbys bath, Tyler went ahead and lathered up Gulliver, too. Upon finishing, he spotted something black on the ground. When he got closer he realized it was an ear. Glancing at Gatsby, he could not see his right ear.

His heart started racing as he rushed over to Gatsby and commanded him to sit.

Tyler was relieved when he felt two ears on our pup.

It was just a cow's ear.

Silly hubs.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


His feet touch now!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.

By the way.. (yeah, these are words, I'm such a rule breaker) I got my camera working again {yay!} but when I upload them here they still look all blurry and ugly {boo}. Still trying to figure out how to fix that. I read somewhere that Blogger has a flaw and it just affects random people. Lucky me!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Baby Does Change Everything. Part One.

I thought I knew what parenthood was going to be like. I thought I had a plan. I thought I would want to raise my kids just the way I was raised. I didn't think my thoughts, opinions, and feelings would be altered so much by some baby.

I was wrong.

I thought breastfeeding would be hard.

I read an entire book on breastfeeding. An entire book. I figured if I needed to know that much about a baby eating from me, it was going to be difficult. It talked about different positions, plugged ducts, lactation consultants, all these people having issues that need fixed, blah, blah, blah.


Breastfeeding has been wonderful. And, lucky for me, so easy. I am so thankful my ride down this road has been so smooth. Of course we've had hiccups, but nothing major.

I thought labor wouldn't be too painful.


It was. I wasn't nervous one bit about giving birth. Honest. I figured millions of women have given birth and a lot have done it all natural. No big deal. I got this. Yikes! It hurt. A lot.

I thought I wasn't going to have a c-section.


I did. I didn't even read about c-sections. I read hundreds (no exaggeration) of birth stories during my pregnancy and I skipped over ever. single. c-section story.

I thought Mason would sleep in his own room at 3 months.


That's about the time he started sleep in our bed full time. I can't even imagine him being in a different room from me. Makes me shiver.

I thought baby wearing was for hippies.


I love it. It provides me with the exercise I don't want to do and keeps Mason (and my back) happy when all he wants is to be held. Have you ever seen the movie Away We Go? I'm pretty sure that's what made me feel the way I did. And, now I laugh because I am a lot like the "crazy mom" in that movie.

I thought my hormones would go back to normal after birth.


Oh boy, they didn't. The baby blues are unavoidable and made me feel extremely vulnerable. I was sad, I was overjoyed, I was selfish, I was in love, I was on a roller coaster. While Tyler fed Mason his first bottle, I cried in the shower. When my mom left me (the first and second time) I cried and couldn't stop. When certain people wanted to hold Mason for extended periods of time, I wanted to cry. Lots of crying. The baby blues did go away as they are supposed to, but I didn't feel back to my normal self for 4 1/2 months. That's when the sun, the moon, and I aligned and all was right again.

I thought I would go late.


I went into labor early! Surprise! Not too early, but it seemed like it since I was just sure I would have to be induced a week or two after November 11th had passed. My bag wasn't packed. I learned my lesson.

I thought I could easily leave the hospital wearing the shoes I walked in there with.


They were extremely tight. I was so lucky I never swelled up during my pregnancy. I thought I dodged a bullet. However, after my c-section, my ankles and feet were huge! I had to do some major loosening of my tennis shoes and squeeze my feet into them. They stayed swollen for quite a while after that, too.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Day I Turned 24.

Yesterday was my birthday. Insignificant, really. Once you get so old, birthdays just aren't as rad as they used to be.

I got to spend my day with this guy. Could it get better than that? My husband bought me some scratch cards and lottery tickets.

I won $6.

Well, there is one lottery ticket that hasn't been drawn for yet, but I don't think I'd tell you if I won anyhow.. you'd probably hunt me down and steal all my money.

He also got me this: Tyler had to work 1-5, so I had even more time with this guy. I think this may have been my first birthday that I woke up to a fresh snow covered ground. When it melted, it looked like this. I love the green the spring brings! Then Gatsby ruined the day by getting sprayed by a skunk. This wasn't his first time. So, the dogs got to sleep outside. And they'll probably stay there until the smell goes away.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is He A Good Baby?

All throughout pregnancy you are faced with typical questions.. "How are you feeling?", "Do you know what you're having?", "Are you excited?".. I'm sure every woman has been asked those three questions at least 28 times while sporting the bump.
While one may get tired of answering them, they are straight-forward and easy to answer.
"Crappy.", "A baby.", "Duh."
After you have said baby, the questions change and are no longer about you, but rather the cute little guy or gal you carry with you (on the outside of you womb). There's the "How old is he?". Easy.
Then there's the "Is he a good baby?". Um.. yes? Maybe? What kind of question is that?
Do they want to know if he cries? Don't all babies cry?
If your baby cries less than 5 times a day they're a good baby and if they cry 6 or more they are bad?
Is it about eaiting habits? Mason gets distracted a lot, he must be bad..
But wait, he is really good at sucking on a pacifier, sitting up, and pooping, so he's good..
But, he gets drool everywhere..
Oh, he has the sweetest giggle though..
Sometimes he's really hard to put to sleep.. At night, he's an excellent sleeper..

I guess I will never understand the point of (or know the answer to) this question. Unless someone can enlighten me?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rinky Dink Pictures.

Since Mason refuses to sleep in his crib, we gotta use it for something.

Good thing I strapped him in this time.
I'm using this disposable diaper era as an opportunity for Mason to wear pants and shorts that don't fit well over his fluffy butt.

It was especially warm today, so we went out for a stroll. Too bad it is supposed to get cold again for a while and snow on Friday.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Misc. List for a Monday.

1. Blogger has not been a good friend lately. My photos are showing up blurry and when I publish a post, the spacing gets all messed up. Sorry for that.
2. Mason has really gotten into touching faces lately. When he wakes up in the morning and sees my face, he instantly wants to grab it. I think it is cute, even though he made Tyler's nose bleed this weekend. 3. My memory card broke. Remember when it was stuck in my computer? Well, I figured out how to pull it out. Apparently, my way wasn't the best way. It cracked. And.. I'm pretty sure a piece of it is stuck in my camera because I can't get any memory card in it. So, I downgraded to my husband's rinky dink camera that was collecting dust in a drawer, with a 256MB memory card. Hopefully I can get mine fixed somewhere, sometime.
4. Mason is wearing disposable diapers until we move. Our basement has about a foot of water in it, we dare not venture down there. So, we have really hard water right now and stripping the cloth from hard water build up is the last thing I want to do. So, sposies it is. Sorry, Earth.
5. We are moving in about a month. Totes are out, we've taken two whole boxes to Goodwill (baby steps), and I took pictures of one of the couches we'll put on Craigslist today.. on the rinky dink camera.
6. Look at this bookworm!

7. I finally finished Mason's amber necklace. Teeth away, baby.

5 Months.

Dear Mason,

I think your growing has slowed down a bit this month. I weighed you (at home.. so who knows how accurate that is..) and you're up to 17 pounds, 10 ounces. I'm sure you've gotten a bit taller, too, but not quite sure how much.

You've become more coordinated with your hands. You grab everything you can get your mitts on. Toys, faces, tables, even my camera. And of course once you've got a hold of something, it is going to go straight into your mouth.

The doorway jumper has become more fun, both for you and us. You love to spend time in it and while you don't quite jump, you're getting quite good at your dance moves. We love to watch your choreography.

Baths have moved from the floor, to the shower. Mr. Splish Splash, you could spend hours in the whale bath. Of course, you don't, but you could.

No teeth yet, which is okay with me.

Car rides aren't your favorite. It gets boring sitting in the seat for too long. If it isn't your regular nap time, you don't fall asleep.

We're still loving the cloth diapers. Your medium fuzzibunz now fit quite perfectly. I remember when they looked huge and thought wow, those won't fit for forever.
Some bibs have been outgrown, new ones had to be purchased because you go through A LOT in a day.
Hats have become no big deal at all. It is still cold out, so you wear them whenever we leave the house.

You love looking around when we leave the house, especially outside. There is just so much to look at. We've perfected Ergo riding on the back. I'm still not sure how I got you there the first time without dumping you on the floor, but we succeeded and now you ride along when I vaccuum. Otherwise you cry.

You and tummy time are no longer friends. 2 minutes go by and you're done!

You would much rather sit up. In fact, that's all you want to do. Sit.

Until next month,

Lots of kisses,



Saturday, April 9, 2011

Puppy Love.

"Uh, those are my ears, kid."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Bedsharing Pros and Cons.

We bedshare. This wasn't planned, but it happened.
Here's a list of why I like it and why I don't like it.
+ Breastfeeding in the middle of the night is so easy. Whip it out, go back to sleep.
- I don't have the space to sprawl out.
+ I don't have to get out of bed to check on Mason. Just open one eye and peak at him.. or keep both eyes shut and pat around me to make sure he's still there and doing ok.
- Sometimes I wake up in a wet spot or with poop on my leg.
+ No need for blankets, I'm sleeping right next to a little heater. A cute heater.
- That little heater kicks when he's waking up in the morning. He kicks my c-section scar and it feels really weird. It makes me want to kick him back. Don't worry, my feet can't reach him.
+ I get more sleep. This is a big one.
- It is harder to reach over and punch my husband when he is snoring.
+ I get to snuggle up next to my sweet, little baby. All night long.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Minnesota, This Is Your 2 Months Notice.

Were moving! Woo Hoo! We don't actually have a house to live in yet, but Tyler got a new job. He'll be teaching and coaching still, but now in the great state of... Nebraska. We will actually be just over an hour from my parents, which is grand. Also, over an hour closer to his folks. Later this month we are going to head south to look at a few houses to rent. We would like to buy.. but we cannot do so yet. Because we are poor.. and paying hundreds of dollars each month towards student loans.. and our health insurance deductible from having Mason. But, the good news is, once Tyler starts, we will have full family insurance for FREE!!! I'm so tired of dealing with crap from our private insurance provider and can't wait to give them the boot. If we like the location and Tyler likes the job, we might look into purchasing a house once our savings account is replenished. We prefer to live in the country, where are dogs can roam free and we can walk around the house naked without our neighbors seeing us (we don't really do that.. or do we?). There aren't too many choices for rural rental properties. One is just outside a town (population: 216) that according to, 84% have a high school degree or higher, but 0% have a bachelor's degree or higher. We might just live there so we can feel really smart and uppity. We've moved our fair share of times before, so I'm hoping to be super-organized when it comes to this move. I know our parents will laugh it if they read that. We also have a ton of junk to get rid of. When I say a ton, that is an understatement. I am going to be listing a fair amount of goods on craigslist and visiting a few times and maybe, if we are adventurous enough, we will have a yard sale. Maybe. Probably not. Don't hold your breath. Overall we are just excited for the new things happening to our family. Mason was especially excited when we told him we were moving.