Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cold Weather, Warm Bellies

Much to the dismay of my kids, I love soup. I love making soup and I love eating soup. When I was pregnant with the girls it is what I craved, any kind--I wanted it all. With all the doctor appointments in the city we always ended up at Panera afterwards to eat soup.
My kids aren't as crazy about soup as I am, there is usually whining involved. BUT, noodles make everything better.

Duck soup = Waaaaaaah, NOOO, we hate soup!!!

Duck noodle soup = Yaaayyy!!!!

So, I make noodles. If you want to make noodles, too, and never have it is very easy. This is the recipe I use, very simple and takes your basic staple ingredients.
Find the recipe {HERE}
Only thing I change is I use water instead of milk because I don't buy milk and you can't taste the difference.

Are you a soup lover or soup hater?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Adventure Awaits At The End Of The Lane

The more risks you allow your children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves.  
--Roald Dahl (one of our favorite writers lately)

Beaver dams, deer skeletons, coyote dens, oh my! We went on a walk the other day along the creek by our house with Aunt Lindy and Cousin Viggo. There were 8-10 beaver dams we saw which were really cool. They also make the water deep and anxiety inducing for us mama bears trying hard not to helicopter (Gotta start reading the above quote on a regular basis). We had to prod the little ones on few times so no one ended up flailing in the cold water or crawling down a large hole and meeting whatever was at the end.
Our creek tour ended at a neighboring property where Sunflower (the dog) had an intense fight with a badger before they both gave up about fifteen minutes later. The badger never left its den/cave but we were able to identify it by its growl and clicking noises along with the tuft of hair the dog pulled out at one point.