Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Fever

Let me clarify right off the bat, I do NOT have baby fever. I'm half convinced I will never suffer from such a thing again. These kids have perhaps provided a cure to the chronic baby fever so many women suffer from. Ha!
Tyler and I have reached the point in our lives that so many of our friends are having babies. Babies babies babies! They are everywhere. High school friends, college friends, work friends, blog friends, neighbors. They are all popping out kids.
I thought it would be fun to share some of the newer babies in our friends' lives. Because, who doesn't like to look at baby pictures?! And for those of you still suffering from that baby fever condition, sorry, this won't help.
My blog friend, Adrienne, had her second son, Cadriel. And wow, you HAVE to read the birth story. It is awesome. Find it {here}.

My pen pal, Alyssa, from waaay back in the day had her first baby last month. Sweet, little Asher. Wish she lived closer so I could meet him.

I'm seeing a pattern here, boy, boy, aaand another boy. Skye, another blog friend, also had a son after a grueling pregnancy. She has quite a story, too. Little Tyler had to have open heart surgery before he turned one month old! You can read about it {here}.

And, coming soon...
My cousin (Kirk) and his wife (Erin) are expecting their first baby in November! Aren't they cute? They just found out they are having a girl!

Another cousin, Suzi, is expecting her third towards the end of the year. Her kids are adorable, so I have high expectations for this next one.

My nephew, coming in August (probably)! My sister, Lindy, is naturally pretty pregnant, don't you think? I'm so excited for his arrival.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A House Story

Tyler and I were walking the kids around town, near campus of the college he will be coaching at while the kids napped (on us and in the stroller). We were coming down the sidewalk and came across this house and had to stop and gawk. We pointed out the curved windows on the first floor and Tyler said it reminded him of something out of Harry Potter. I wondered what the people that lived there were like and if it looked similarly ornate on the inside. We were eventually able to peel our eyes away and continued our walk.

We walked around campus, waiting for our appointment time with the lady (who works for the college) to show us three rentals they had available. We still had an hour to wait, so we were taking our time wandering about. I was walking holding Mason's hand and Tyler had stroller duty. Mason and I had to of course take the more exciting route, which led us to a big bulletin board that was empty except for one piece of paper. I almost ignored it, but last minute decided to glance at it.
"3 bedroom house for rent"
I told Tyler to come see and he called the number. Things move really fast in this town so we were expecting it to already be rented, especially since the paper looked like it had been there a while. The owner answered and said he could meet us there in 10 minutes. He gave us directions and we were only a couple blocks away. We strapped the babies on our backs (best way to look at houses, by the way) and we headed that way. When we came around the corner and saw it was the same house we had stopped to admire earlier, we laughed.
The owner was very nice, showed us around and told us what he had been getting for rent. That number scared us a little, we told him the price range we were looking at and he said if we are interested to give him a call, perhaps we could work something out. So, we left for our appointment.

We were about 20 minutes early to our meeting spot. The lady we met was about 20 minutes late. Come on, if we can be there on time with three hungry, hot, and tired kids, surely you can arrive on time, too. Alone, nonetheless. Ahem... Anywho, we went off to see the three places and while they were sufficient, they were half the size of the Harry Potter house, no dishwasher (bad news for us), and on busier streets.

We discussed our options as we walked around town while Elliot and Finnley took another nap. We felt that if we could somehow get the big house for a similar price as the smaller ones, we could justify it. The worry of higher utility bills caused some hesitation, but after a quick stop at the bakery (yum!) Tyler called the owner and we negotiated a price we were more comfortable with. We met the next day to make it official. So, we will be moving next month into this beauty!

Funny how God leads us to different things. We are very excited to move into our new home. Packing has begun!

Monday, June 24, 2013


  • Tyler took Finnley's diaper off after a nap, because it was leaking onto his shirt, set her on the floor and left to do something else. She started grunting, but before I could get to her.. she pooped on the floor and of course stuck her foot in it. Gah! So I took her straight to the bath to rinse her down and told Tyler to hurry to the living room before Elliot ate the poop or something. He got there just in time. She had a big handful... Ah, the joys of twins.

  • Mason peed in the potty and brushed his teeth. Successful evening.
Mason and Great Grandma Jackie
  • Mason was giving Elliot and Finnley zorbs and tickles. It was pretty cute and there were lots of laughs involved.

  • Our toddler decided to eat something besides chips. Hallelujah.

  • Tyler and I made up a list of questions to ask our new landlord. Behold our future home.

  • Mason asked where his cousins were. He missed them after a fun weekend together.

  • Elliot and Finnley decided to nap at 5pm, so bedtime was a couple hours later than normal. If only that meant tomorrow could start a little later than normal, too.. I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before and After

So, before we bought our house, I showed you pictures.
And, when we listed our house for sale, I showed you pictures.
Now, I'm going to show you both those pictures again, side by side. Who doesn't like a good before and after picture? I sure do.
To go along with these pictures, I will share some good news. We signed a purchase agreement on our house. The closing date is January 31st and the buyers will be renting from us until then. Now we just need to find a new place to live!
Now, behold the before and after pictures.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Swimming With 3 Littles

When we went house hunting last weekend, we stayed at a hotel with a pool. We knew Mason wanted to go swimming (we live a block from the city pool, so he asks to go often), but we weren't sure we could handle all three kids in the pool at once. After all, they can't swim!
Tyler suggested that just him and Mason go swimming and I could do something else with Elliot and Finnley. I thought that would certainly be the easiest option, but we agreed it would be nice for the girls to get to enjoy a new experience. We did all kinds of new things with Mason, I'd hate for the girls to miss out on certain things just because it was more difficult for us.
With little thought and planning (and purchasing) we figured out a way for everyone to enjoy the pool.

  • We bought a floaty ring. That solved the whole being outnumbered aspect. One kid in the floaty, one in each of our arms. The kids rotated, so everyone got a turn to ride in the lady bug.
  • We bought a life jacket type thing to put on Mason. I'm not really big on the idea of giving him a false sense of security, but when you are outnumbered, safety wins. Two year olds have minds of their own, for all we knew he could have been running around the pool area, slip and fall in. Luckily, there was no running, and he never wanted to float by himself, so it really was just precautionary.

  • We came to the pool prepared. 5 towels, my camera, and our floaty... It was important to remember everything on the first trip, once those kids are in the pool, it isn't any fun to haul them back out before they are ready to leave.
  • I also got our room ready for when we got back. I knew when we returned to our room, it would be time to get ready for bed. So, I laid out a couple towels to change the gals and set out three sets of jammies.

It is really crazy how much more work adding two extra kids to your family can be. Must be the whole being outnumbered factor. We struggle a lot still, it often seems like there is at least one child unhappy, but we try our best. Being prepared for things like this really helps and reduces stress and anxiety.
When we left the pool, I had Mason walk back to the room with his legs still in the ladybug floaty and held on to the sun shade part. He was trying to run to the edge of the pool, but I just yanked on his leash sunshade, so no incident there!
Now that we've conquered swimming with three, we are eager to do it again, and Tyler came home with two more floaties the other day. Perhaps we will just stick them all in their own floaty and take a nap in the beach chairs. Kidding.. probably.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

An 8 Month Comparison

 As a reminder, here was 3 months:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

8 Months

Yes, for real. They are 8 months old. The past month has been super busy developmentally for Elliot and Finnley.

Around 7.5 months Elliot started crawling, the same day Finnley got her first tooth. The next day Elliot started pulling herself up?!?!? A day after that Finnley started crawling. Just a week or so ago Elliot poked out her first tooth. And somewhere in between there Finnley also pulled herself up, but doesn't do it as often. They now each have two bottom teeth, crawl everywhere, and are constantly trying to pull up on anything and everything. Chaos!

Elliot started babbling, "Ma ba ma ba ma ba.." and of course a day or two later Finnley started saying "Ma ma ma ma.."

These gals are HEAVY. Especially when you carry both at the same time. Finnley is 20.2 pounds and Elliot is about 1/2 pound behind.
Elliot and Finnley eat and nap at the same time. They rarely nurse alone (unless we are in public, I don't tandem then) or nap without one another. 2-4 naps a day, quality affects quantity. We are up around 6am and bed a little after 6pm. They wake in the night 3-4 times average.

You may think I'm crazy, but I'm so excited for them to start walking. They are already wanting to so badly. It will just be a lot of fun. (Quote me on this is 5 months)
I love how they are starting to interact with one another. Holding hands, laughing when the other is laughing, grabbing eachother's face.. all that fun stuff!

How about some more pictures?





Elliot, Finnley



Finnley, Elliot

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Can I Say, We Have Our Hands Full

Or so that is what everyone says when they see us out and about with the kids. "Wow, you sure have your hands full!" Hear it all the time. It is true. Literally. Especially this week. Those darn babies and their growing teeth. They do NOT want to be set down. I'm so happy my husband is done with school for the summer. If he wasn't home during the day, I'd be pulling my hair out. I am pretty lucky!

Dad & Elliot

We just got back from a weekend of hardcore house hunting. Well, it felt pretty hardcore anyhow. Just so you know, getting in and out of the car every 15 minutes with three kids who need buckled into car seats isn't too fun. Two of those kids hate riding in the car and the other one kicks. I love looking at houses, but I'm glad to take a break.

Mason pushing Finnley

House hunting? Why yes. I do believe I forgot to mention that we are moving. Again. Tyler got a job as an assistant women's basketball coach at a college in south-central Iowa. A great start down the path towards his dream job. The kicker is.. it pays very poorly. He will also be substitute teaching in the area.

We spent our weekend, when not house hunting, in a crappy hotel. The pool was nice and so were the beds. But the floor right inside our room was drenched (like walking through a puddle) from the air conditioner leaking. They basically threw out a loaf of bread and a jar of jelly for the "continental breakfast". And, it just had an overall musty scent in the air. You get what you pay for?

So, now you kind of know where I've been lately. Here and there, with my hands full. I have a handful of posts I have started but lost steam on or been called to bed by a crying baby. Perhaps one of these days I'll find a way to balance it all. Perhaps. In the meantime, try not to miss me too much should I disappear randomly!