Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Teeth, Worms, and Birds

I peeked around in the girls' mouths this evening and I noticed Elliot has a two year molar poking through. She was terribly emotional today, so I'm hoping that is why and that the darn thing will poke all the way out of the gum soon.. so the next three can do the same. Sigh.

I bought worms to start vermicomposting (I made one of THESE) and my box was pretty beat up. Plus, my one thousand worms were frozen upon opening them. That was disappointing. I still put them in the tote to see if they'd maybe come back to life, but nope, now I just have a nice collection of dead worms in my basement. I think I'll have my husband take care of that since he neglected to get the mail the previous day.

Tom still follows us everywhere. Although he did attack Mason a month or two ago (Mason kicked him and learned he kicks back), he simply likes to strut his stuff (constantly) next to us but otherwise doesn't bother. In fact, I've been picking him up and giving him some hugs lately. He seems to need them.

Our time outside recently has been used to collect pine cones, build random structures with bricks, play on the swing set, collect eggs, and pet our new kitty, Food. Elliot chose that name. Food just showed up one day, which isn't so uncommon. Neighbors, if you're missing a calico cat, we may have her. And her name is now Food.

This is Wynona. She's a Silver Laced Wyandotte and I love her feathers. Unfortunately her two same breed sidekicks were sacrificed in the battle of Sunflower vs. pullets, so she's the lone beauty left. She hangs out with the Iowa Blue crowd now.

We've been getting a fair amount of eggs lately. Pecka is molting so she isn't laying and we've stopped getting white eggs, which used to be a regular in our daily gathering, so a couple others are taking a break. Sasha (our female turkey) has also stopped laying. The weather has been decent the past couple weeks, but it is supposed to cool back down again so we'll see if the eggs keep coming.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cabin Fever Cure

The kids hadn't left the house since.. Christmas? That sounds awful, but I'm pretty sure it is accurate. Finally the temperature outside was welcoming.. no howling wind and subzero temperatures. Finally. So we got a good chunk of time outside the last three days. There was lots sledding, turkey chasing, falling in the mud, bean seed saving, chicken treats, swinging, snow angels, egg collecting, exploring, splashing, and chicken hugs going on. A surefire recipe to cure cabin fever.