Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Apple Seed

I don't really have morning sickness, but a very strong gag reflex to go along with my super-human sense of smell. Thing I can't do without gagging:
-finish brushing my teeth in the morning (those back ones may rot out)
-take out the trash or do the dishes
-walk by the litter box
-open the door in the morning to be greeted by the cold air
I also have a bit of a cold (I hope that's all it is) and if I start to cough a little too much, of course that leads to my recent favorite pastime also... gagging!
Luckily, only a couple of times has the gagging led to something else... won't get too graphic here.
I believe today at school I took about 8 trips to the bathroom, not kidding. At least the walk there and back counts as exercise?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poppy seed.

Well, it is official. 4 weeks, 3 days today. It has been a little hard for us to get excited after the loss of Raspberry Sharkfin in mid-January at 9 weeks, but it is even harder to not be excited. Even though the test didn't prove it until Saturday for sure, I knew before that. I was really thirsty the week before, tired, and my face was breaking out. I guess I've really gotten to know my body.