Sunday, November 30, 2014


We traveled a couple hours to celebrate Thanksgiving with family this past week. It is always lovely to catch up. One subject that came up was our new dog, Sunflower. Tyler went on and on about how awesome she is. She's so sweet, calm, low maintenance, basically everything we could ask for in a dog. I completely agree.
Then we came home from our trip to six dead pullets (young female chickens) scattered across the yard. It was no doubt Sunny, as she got one more the next day despite my close eye on her. We really want to keep her as she still is the best dog ever, minus this huge flaw. For now we're keeping the birds on lock down as she won't stay in our fenced yard. It is quite cold, so they probably wouldn't venture out far anyhow.
Our neighbor stopped by to get some eggs today and she mentioned her relative used to tie the dead chicken to the dog. We don't have time to sit and train her like we want at this time, so we decided it was worth a try. I duct taped one of the dead birds to her collar and she had to drag it around all day (could still jump over the fence with it of course). By the end of the day, just the leg was left attached.. so I'm not sure it will work. Hoping!

The look of guilt.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Turkey Update

I haven't mentioned the turkeys recently so I thought it was time to give an update, since Thanksgiving is getting closer. First of all, we no longer have Lady. She was killed. We are 99.9% sure it was our dog, Jax, who no longer lives with us consequently. We did replace her with another hen about the same age, but she is not related to Tom, so that is the good part. Her name is Sasha and while they get along well, they don't have the same chemistry as Tom and Lady did.
When Lady was killed, Tom was also pretty ruffled up. He had many feathers missing and we found him in shock hiding in the old combine on the hill by the turkey house. Luckily he's made a full recovery and doing well.

Last picture I posted of Tom vs. now.

As you can see, Tom has gotten much bigger. He also thinks he's much more intimidating. The kids know to keep their distance, for some reason they really get Tom fluffy. He's always puffing up when they are nearby. We think it is their height, it must be threatening to him and his mate who he must protect. While he'll deflate and run if I run towards him, he holds his stance if the kids get close and I know he'd totally peck them. Mason is scared and will stay away, but the girls are fearless. I have to play body guard too often. The other day the kids were playing in the driveway (in the mud, nonetheless) and Tom started coming down the hill to show how tough he is. I just had to chase him away a couple times and for like a half hour he just paced back and forth at the top of the hill all puffed up.

The turkeys are total creepers. They watch me do dishes, they watch us eating meals, they watch the kids playing in the living room.. he gives meaning to the term peeping Tom. I don't mind, I just wish they'd stop pooping on the deck.
Tyler built a nice sized run off the turkey house a few months ago. We thought it would be nice for when we weren't going to be home all day so they wouldn't have to be cooped up.

We have decided for sure that Tom and Sasha will be sticking around for the long haul.  No turkeys for Thanksgiving this year, but perhaps next year. As soon as Sasha starts laying (in the spring), we'll be incubating and hopefully hatching a good number of turkey poults to raise for meat or sell.  So keep us in mind for your holiday meal needs next year!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mason, On Your 4th Birthday...

You woke up a little after 7, even though you were up late the night before.

I made cinnamon raisin biscuits for breakfast and we let you have "old" (pop, but not really pop) for breakfast. You were pretty darn excited about that.

We sang Happy Birthday and you blew out your candle. Then Finnley kept saying, "My turn!"

We presented you your present by playing the trailer for the movie, Big Hero 6 and letting you know we'd be taking you to see it later in the day. You were disappointed because there weren't any presents to open.

I left you with Dad and your sisters to attend Brandie's baby shower. You got to watch your favorite show on Netflix, Oscar's Oasis and have hot dogs and chips for dinner.

While Grandma Kim stayed home with Elliot and Finnley, Dad and I took you to the movie (your first!) in the afternoon. You thought the inside of the theater looked like a hotel, probably because of the carpet. You held your ears for the first few minutes and couldn't quite get your seat to fold all the way down when sitting in it. After a while, your feet fell asleep and you sat on Dad's lap and later mine. You had popcorn (complete with yellow dyes, boo) and a bottle of water. I think it is safe to say you enjoyed yourself.

We stopped at Hy-vee before heading home, got a few groceries and a pizza to bake for supper, which we had with raspberries and knock knock jokes.

After supper, we got ready for bed. Dad read you books, you told me you were going to dream about robots, and you went to sleep, snuggling with Dad (and beloved Paci, of course.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014