Friday, August 12, 2016

Countryside Thoughts

Summer keeps ticking by, but with no official "back to school" for us means we get to keep enjoying it up until its true end. I've been thinking lately about what it would be like if we still lived in town. I know that the outdoor upkeep would be easier and getting to places would be quicker, but I can't think of any other reasons we'd enjoy town life. What would my kids do all day? They find things to do indoors just fine, but I can't imagine them confined to a yard. Not that it is a bad thing, I just feel we're so used to the open space and acres to roam, finding their place in a yard would be hard. We've lived as many years in town with kids as we have the country, but this is where we feel right. Plus, they'd have to put clothes on every day! Ha!

The acreage needs mowed (like, severely), but the mower is once again out of commission--needs new tires this time.
There are branches galore waiting to be picked up after our storm last night.
There are weeds to be cut down.
Some birds need to be transitioned to the freezer.
The kids have toys everywhere, although a lot is hidden by the jungle-like grass.
There is always junk to be hauled away or thrown out.
Chicken runs need built.
There are trees that need taken down.
And the sidewalk could always stand to be scraped. Chicken poo, goose grease, duck crap.. you know.
And the garden. Oh the garden, if you can even see it anymore for the grass.

There's always a list. There always will be. Let's not even get started with the things that need taken care of inside! But even so, this is what we like. And sometimes when the list gets a bit long, town life seems dreamy. Then I go back to wondering what my kids would do all day. And how many looks I'd get when my kids head outside in their underwear AGAIN. And how much I'd miss watching mama duck with her babies following her everywhere (seriously, makes me smile every time I see them). I guess the kids would be able to ride their bikes, it is hard on the gravel, so there's that.

Where do you belong? Town or country?