Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Elliot and Finnley at 2 Years Old + Mason at (Almost) Four

Elliot is a big sweetheart. Lately she has been acting very shy around both strangers and close family, but once she warms up to you she'll give hugs and smiles. She can also be independent and plays in her own world at times. Elliot likes to be the "monster" and chase her brother and sister around the house.

Finnley is silly. She loves to do what her big brother is doing and will follow him around/take orders to play with him. Finn is the biggest mama's babe out of the crew, but can be lots of fun, too.

Mason is an outgoing burst of sunshine. He has a big imagination and enjoys laughing. He will listen intently to what you have to say, unless he's busy doing his own thing. He goes with the flow very well, although he has his not so great moments, too. Just like all of us!

Favorite Foods
Elliot is a big fan of broccoli, berries, and green beans. She also likes meat of all kinds and cheese. This girls is lacking a sweet tooth though, which makes me question whether or not she is actually my child.

Finnley is also a big fan of meat, green beans, berries, and broccoli. She loves chocolate. Definitely my child.

Mason loves potato chips, rice and gravy, cookies, mac and cheese, pancakes... pretty much if it is a somewhat unhealthy carb, Mason likes it. He also really likes mixed veggies, green smoothie popsicles, peas, carrots, apples, grapefruit, really most fresh fruits and vegetables. He does this thing where he refuses to try something on his plate, but he is never allowed more of something else (or dessert) until he takes one bite just to try it. Most of the time he tries it, pauses to think, and then excitedly exclaims, "I like it!!"

Elliot is a soft spoken little girl. Her voice is quiet and high pitched, really quite cute. She doesn't say too much, although lately her vocabulary has been expanding by leaps and bounds. I still have a hard time understanding a lot of her words though.

Finnley is loud. She talks a lot. I can understand most of the things she says, although every once in a while she'll repeat something for me over and over and I still just can't get it. The other day Mason came over to her to ask if he could play with the toy she had. She replied, "Yes, of course, Mason!" It was totally cute and a great sentence!

Mason loves to talk. He has stories and jokes galore. The stories aren't that good and his jokes don't make sense, but it is still fun to hear them. His vocabulary is extensive, but still learning new words every day. Today he learned the word incision as I was telling him about how he was born.

Elliot loves to draw. Her work is mostly scribbles, but it really relaxes her.

Finnley sings to every song she hears. The words are not right, but the melody is close enough.

Mason enjoys building legos. He builds mostly vehicles, but some things he comes up with are really unique.

Elliot Cats. Hats. Dora. Hugs. Carrying eggs. Picking berries. Hide and Seek (she's really good at seeking). Aunt Lindy. Reading.

Finnley Swinging. Climbing. Umizoomi. Chasing the birds. Milkies. Let It Go. Opening butter. "Row row gently" (Row Your Boat). Horsey rides. Spinning circles. Reading.

Mason SwimmingSwinging. Building. "My girl"--Pecka the chicken. Paci. Eating all day long. Playing the Kindle or computer. Special trips with Dad. Reading.

Elliot Strangers. Ice cream. Seeing owies on herself. Naps. When the dog touches her. Swinging high. Elderberry syrup.

Finnley Squash. Wearing headbands. Naps. Being alone. Not being allowed to climb on the table. Wrappers on the crayons.

Mason Loud flushing toilets. Water in his face. Waiting. Getting his hair cut. Only getting one vitamin a day.




Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our Week So Far in Black and White

We got a new puppy.

Mason named her Sunflower.

We said farewell to Grandma Jackie before she headed south for the winter.

Our lovely neighbor let us (Tyler and Mason) pick apples at their house, we made a few crockpots of applesauce.

Finnley cut her hand on the apple peeler.

Mason laughed hard playing legos with Grandma and Grandpa.

We made cookies, Mason's favorite: chocolate chip.