Monday, October 31, 2011

Then and Now.

I went through some old photos yesterday and came up with a few that prove Mason is in fact my child.  In case you weren't sure, take a look.

I think this shows the closest resemblence, but I just couldn't find a recent photo of Mason with the same look on his face.

Even the See 'N Say is the same in this picture.

What do you think? Do you think he looks like his mamma?
Hopefully I can scrounge up some baby pictures of Tyler soon to do a comparison there.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

He's Almost One...

But he's still really little.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Leggings Giveaway.

I'm giving away two pairs of baby leggings over on Carina's blog a punk, a pumpkin, & a peanut.
Head over and enter if you'd like, and be sure to check out her adoption story.
And remember, baby leggings are for boys, too!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday.

Mason got his first new pair of shoes, that he fits, and is going to actually wear. We debated between a pair of croc-ish looking shoes, which are surprisingly cute on babies and a pair on tennies.  The fact the it will soon be frigid outside made the decision a little easier. He isn't quite sure about walking in them yet, it is completely new thing. It was funny watching him walk around when he was trying them on in the store.

We got groceries this weekend and spent less than we thought we were going to. When does that ever happen? And, we bought local milk in a glass bottle for the first time. Is it weird that I'm still kinda excited about that?

My husband got to sleep in on Saturday. Again. That sure would be nice. HINT, HINT.

I bought a wool sweater at Goodwill that I plan to up-cycle to a soaker. Someday. Wish me luck.

I finally vacuumed. And washed the kitchen floor. And cleaned the bathroom. And it felt good, even though it only lasted for two minutes.

It has been really nice here the past few days, but the Asian Beetles are also fans are the fair weather. So when you step foot outside, three or four instantly land on you. Ick.

Mason's birthday party is only a couple weeks away, I better get busy!

Miscellany Monday @
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lingering Snot.

Remember how Mason was sick?  And then remember how he was getting better?
Well he wasn't.
Saturday morning he woke up at 3am and was really, really warm.  He had a 103.3 degree fever.  And he managed to keep that fever above 101 until Sunday (except for when we were at the doctor, then it was only 99).
He just looked miserable.  Spent most of his time sleeping in our arms, just like when he was a wee, little thing.  But he's a lot heavier now.

Turns out he had an infection resulting from his cold and a slight ear infection.
He hates his medicine, but it has been working.  Fevers are scary.
Sunday morning he was running around as he normally would.  Like it never happened.  I'd be okay with it never happening again.  Anyone know where we can find a good quality bubble to keep him in?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things I WILL Miss When We Move to Town: Walks in the Country.

Sure you can take a walk in town.. but it just isn't the same.
You can't see for miles, surrounded by fields, wildlife, and silence.
You can't let your dogs roam along with you, wondering where they please, without limits.
You can't pick a wedgie without worrying someone saw you.

When you go for a walk in the middle of nowhere, you can wear mismatched clothes and not worry if you haven't showered since yesterday.  You are not likely to meet anyone in your path.

Traffic is minimal, especially on the gravel.  No crossing busy streets.

(our house)

You can linger wherever.

(Mason's personal favorite place to linger. He could stare at this thing all day.)

So, I suppose we could drive out of town to take a walk, but I know that won't happen.
I'll just have to enjoy them while I can.

**Still no word on the house... plenty of time to enjoy for now.

Friday, October 14, 2011

So Much For Cleaning.

I try to keep my house tidy.  Well, not very hard.  But, I really feel like I am constantly doing dishes and laundry.
Mostly dishes.
The dishwasher in our house is the kind that you have to first rinse dishes, fill it up, run it, and then wash them afterwards because they didn't get clean in the end anyway... so it is faster to wash by hand in the first place.
I can usually stand at the sink for 2.5 minutes before little hands start pushing my legs away from the counter, so as to make room for me to pick the owner of those hands up.
Well, this morning, I had been standing at the sink for at least 4 minutes and was thinking, "Wow, I might clear the counter off today!"
While that could have been true, the floor was also going to need my attention.

Turns out, emptying a box of barley, playing in it, and having a little snack of it is quite fun.
Have you ever tasted raw barley?
Mason has.. so I had to also.
Tastes like farm dust.
Oh, you aren't familiar with that flavor?  Go stand in a field being harvested and stick out your tongue like you are catching snowflakes.  That will give you a good taste.

So, while I did get the dishes done (until more were added at noon), there may still be some barley lingering on my kitchen floor.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things I WON'T Miss When We Move to Town: Insects.

Seriously.  I am so very tired of the bugs.  The spiders.  The Asian beetles.  The flies.  Go away already.
Our house is apparently a creepy crawly paradise.  If my spider story isn't enough proof... here are some pictures I have taken around the house the last month.

In the shower.

Asian beetles all over.

 In the sink.

On the clean dishes.

I'm tired of coming home from a weekend away to spider webs stretched across our bed.  Or waking up in the morning with new bug bites.  And having to pick up random dead beetles off the carpet as I walk through the house.. because we all know Mason will eat them if he spots 'em.

I like them better outside.  Where they belong.  Even if they do eat our bird feed.

Okay, maybe not here.  Yes, that is a giant beetle on my son's head.

And, I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to shake the mail as I took it out of the box to make sure nothing will crawl up my arm.  Whenever I open the door to our mailbox, I never know how many spiders I'm going to see in there.  Today there were four.  Last Friday there were six.

I realize that there are bugs in town, too.  But not as many as there are in an old house out on the farm.  We kill an average of 2 spiders a day, per person.  Today I killed one the crawled up beside me on the couch.  Later I killed one that appeared on the arm of the other couch.  And then later I trapped one under a coffee cup on the counter.. I should probably go finish the job.

I can't wait to move!

As for the house we put an offer on, after I updated you all about it last time, we got counter offered the next day.  We ended up putting in our best and final offer and haven't heard a peep since.

Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11 Months.

Dear Mason,

One month from now you'll be a year old. And that is just plain crazy.

You're still growing. And growing. Your hair is getting long. Your dad is always tucking the sides behind your ears, he thinks it makes you look like a dweeb. I think it makes you look even cuter.

You've been walking for a little over a month now, and have become very good at it.  You stopped crawling all together and are always on your feet.

You have started carrying things around with you.  Sometimes we hold our breath in hopes you don't fall down and bonk your head on whatever you're carrying, but that has yet to happen (surprisingly).

People are often surprised by how well you can bend over and squat.  You do so with ease, like you've been doing it for ages.

Your talking has exploded this month.  You are more verbal now than you have ever been.  While it is still a language of your own, you have managed to say words that sound like "Jesus" and "exactly".. though those were only accidents.  I think the only word you may say and mean is "dada."  A noise you often make is "ssssss."

You have become a lot more whiny, too.  When you don't get what you want, you let us know!

When you get mad, you bite.  You've started showing your strong emotions through biting.  It isn't pleasant, but you are easily distracted.  I've only bled once.

I'd have to say your favorite foods are still spaghetti and yogurt.  Your interest in food have been wavering lately, sometimes you could sit at the table happily for 45 minutes, other times, 5 minutes is more than enough time.

You have always enjoyed being close to me during the day and are only content to entertain yourself for so long.  I have had to come up with ways to keep you busy so I can get some things done.  Sometimes, you help me do the dishes.. and laundry.. and sweeping the floor.  In fact, you are kind of obsessed with the broom right now.

You are also obsessed with wheels.  On your toys, on the stroller.. Last week we visited a nursing home and you were delighted by all the wheel chairs.

You are also into technology.  You don't leave our computers alone.  I'm missing three keys that you managed to pop off of my laptop.  Every morning when we get up, we hang out in bed for a while and you play with my cell phone.. you know, to check your messages and stuff.  You also love pushing buttons on the remote and our home phone.

You really enjoy your stroller.  Sometimes when I'm holding you, you will lean towards it, so I'll put you in it and that makes you so happy.

You still love being outside and we've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather lately.  Lots of walks and exploring.

Keep growing and being you.