Friday, January 31, 2014

Giving Back - January 2014

This is the last day of January, can you believe it? One day closer to basketball season being over.. not that I'm counting down or anything...
In case you missed it, I am reflecting at the end of each month on ways we have given back to the community, payed it forward, lent a helping hand, etc., and also ways we have witnessed others do the same. {see last month's post here}

This month has been so slow, yet it has suddenly come to an end. We have spent almost all of our time at home, dodging the germs that winter is so well known for. Plus it has just been bitter cold out! We are totally ready for spring (and the end of basketball season, *ahem*) but it is still a bit off. Being stuck inside has made me think of other ways I can give back, although most are still ideas in my head.

I've been browsing this site called Go Fund Me, have you heard of it? Barb told me about it a while back and I think it is pretty neat. It is basically a place for people to hold online fundraisers. Some people are seeking a trip to Disney World for their kids, some are facing hardship with piles of medical bills. There is a huge variety and it can be very interesting looking through different people's goals. I even started my own page, because, why not?

As I was browsing, I came across the Lacy Family Farm Sustainability Project. I really like what they are doing on their farm and their goals align with mine (long term, anyhow), so I felt compelled to help out. I gave a very small donation, which might not even buy them a box of nails to build their livestock shelters with, but I'm sure any size donation anyone receives provides a little hope. And hope, my friends, is a powerful thing.

Aside from that very small donation, not much to report. I have piles of my clothes to give away sitting out in our porch, next to a sack of baby clothes ready to be handed down to a sweet girl named Hadley (Hi, Erin!). Maybe February will warm up a bit and we can get out and spread some cheer!

What about you? Have you been able to find a way to pay it forward?

* * *

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Numbers

8:00 Time my husband let me sleep into today.

16 Total number of teeth currently popping out between Elliot and Finnley.

20 Extra minutes it took me to vacuum today with my little helpers.

25 How many minutes Mason cried about the raisins I was vacuuming up.

0 Total number of naps taken in this house today.

17 Approximate times I thought I was going insane.

12 Hours my husband will not be home today.

5:30 Time the girls were asleep for the night.

1 Big bowl of ice cream calling my name.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Goals for 2014

I really do love a new year. That is so 15 days ago. Yes I hear you, but I needed some time to digest 2013 before moving on to this year. New year, reflections on the last, new goals. It is simply wonderful to just sit down and think about this stuff. It is also kinda fun to look back over the years and see how you grow and change.
Find my goals for 2012 here and 2011 here. I think my biggest goal for 2013 was to just survive. Goal met!
There are so many things I want to do. But I have three young kids. So, accomplishing everything swirling through my mind on an average day is just not going to happen. I've made note of some of the more important things I'd like to tend to for this year.

1. Read more books. I read every day, a lot in fact. Just not books. I love reading other blogs and perusing the internet, but the joy that comes from a book is something completely different. We have a great library here and there are many I own that have yet to be opened. I'm currently reading Two Kisses for Maddy and while the story is sad, it is good to be reading about someone else's life.

2. Organize my photos. I have so many blurry/blinking/dark/bright/ugly pictures that are just taking up space of my hard drive. I need to go through and delete so, so many. I always just upload and that's that. They need weeded. I'd also love to get some pictures printed.

Step by step to homestead success

3. Start referring to myself as a homesteader. We may not be living on 20 acres growing our entire year's worth of food, sewing our own clothes, and polishing our roof made of solar panels this coming year, but it is certainly a step forward to claim the title of homesteader.

4. Learn to embroider. I got a book, hoops, needles, string, and all that jazz for Christmas. I can't wait to start this craft!

5. Rescue an animal. We are hoping to find ourselves with some land this year and one thing we'd like to do is welcome an animal or two into our family.

6. Heal my teeth. Coffee + losing too much calcium from breastfeeding + sugar + well, you get the idea = my front teeth are starting to get very thin. I have already given up my daily cups of joe (talk about a headache) and started taking fermented cod liver oil, but there are more steps and I hope to see an improvement sometime this year!

7. Fix my diastasis recti. Before I start having back problems, I need to focus on my 3 finger width gap. Hoping to get around to this... someday...

8. Patience. Deep breath in. And out. My kids are not trying to drive me crazy, they are simply learning and discovering the world around them. In. Out.

9. Add more prayer to our lives. I've always been a lone pray-er sending my thanks upwards in private. But, I know my kids will not learn how to pray if I don't teach them and the best way is to do it together. Now that the kids are getting older, it would be nice to find a church. We survived Christmas Eve service after all.

* * *

Do you have anything on your list for this year you want to accomplish? Learning a new hobby? Healthy eating? Spending more time with your kids? I'd love to hear about it!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Day Every Twin Parent Dreads

It happened.

The moment every twin parent knows is coming in the back of their mind. You read about other twins doing it and know it is just a matter of time. You laugh when others experience it and perhaps that is just denial speaking.

You've seen pictures. You've laughed, gagged, looked away, shared with your best friend. Deep down you wondered, will mine be next?

When the moment does come, you do a double take. Your eyes get big, you lose your breath, your heart may even stop beating for just a moment. You scream "Noooooooo" as you jump through the air towards your child.

That's right. Today was the day. We'd had a close call several months back, but the situation finally arose. I found Elliot eating Finnley's poop. Seriously. I had taken Finnley's diaper off not too long before and she was running around the house bare bottomed. She had already pooed earlier in the day so I was not expecting this.
Elliot was not just eating poop, but she was crying while she was eating poop. That is why I found her in the act. It was like a "Waaaah, I don't wanna eat this, it tastes disgusting" type of cry, yet there she was popping a piece into her mouth.
It was all over her hands and feet and shirt and it did not smell pleasant, as poop tends not to. She went straight to the tub, as did the pooper, and the brother that was luckily nowhere near the situation.
While this is all disgusting, our poop eating twin moment was quite tame. I've seen pictures of twins covered in each other's crap from head to toe. We got lucky.

* * *

Did your kids ever eat poop? Please share your story!