Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review Of My 2014 Goals

Last day of the year (Happy Birthday, Linday and Jackson!), time to check in on how well I worked on/reached my goals...

1. Read more books. That didn't really happen. I read a ton, but not in book form still. I just can't seem to find enough time in the day to both read all I love on the internet and in actual print. Although I did get some pretty awesome reading material for Christmas, which I do plan on getting around to.

2. Organize my photos. I have improved in this area! I am getting better at deleting the crappy/blurry/reject photos right after uploading them onto the computer instead of having them uselessly taking up space on my hard drive. I have also been keeping up at moving photos to an external hard drive.

Chicken Selfie

3. Start referring to myself as a homesteader. I am, just look at my "About Me."

Like it? You can buy it at the Egg Krate!

4. Learn to embroider. I have done some felt embroidery and it is fun. I'm glad I've got the ball rolling on this craft.

5. Rescue an animal. Not sure I've told the story, but we did rescue a chicken. She was posted on Craigslist, the owner lived in a rough neighborhood and was keeping the pullet in her basement. When Tyler went into the house to pick her up, he said the smell of animal feces was just overwhelming. Hopefully by taking Chickaletta off their hands we were also improving their living conditions. Chickens are stinky creatures. Chickaletta, while not the healthiest when we got her, is thriving and giving us regular eggs these days.

6. Heal my teeth. I gave up coffee for a while, but not permanently. My front teeth do seem better, but I'm not sure why. Maybe since Elliot and Finnley aren't breastfeeding as much they aren't sucking all the nutrients from my body anymore.

7. Fix my diastasis recti. Fail. Have not even started working towards this goal. I really should though.

Christmas card outtake.

8. Patience. Also still room for improvement here...

9. Add more prayer to our lives. We aren't regular church goers at this time, but I have been trying to pray more with the kids this year. Not as often as I want, but it has been a good start.

* * *

How did your year go? What goals did you check off your list?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Morris Christmas Facts

On one hand it feels like Christmas didn't even happen. On the other hand, I'm still knee deep in new toys, I haven't found enough places to put things away.

I only took pictures of our little family Christmas together, I was too busy living in the moments of our other celebrations (AKA breaking up toy fights, dishing up kid food, changing diapers, picking up wrapping paper).

Mason was so excited about Christmas. We talked about what Christmas is really about, but he didn't seem to grasp it much. I'm not sure if it is because our cat is also named Jesus or because everyone else in the world seems to only talk to kids about presents and Santa Claus when it comes to Christmas.

Mason enthusiastically and genuinely thanked everyone for their gifts. Elliot and Finnley were so overwhelmed by new stuff, they would have been fine with just one good gift and didn't really care to continue opening after the first couple.

Christmas Eve service at church went very well. The kids played quietly/listened the whole time. Mason even tried singing along with a couple hymns.

The weather was beautiful on Christmas. The birds got a full day of free ranging as their gift. (Still on partial lock down due to the dog, we tie her up when they are out now)

Two nights in a row of staying up hours past bedtime and not napping equals irritable and cranky children.

We still have one (maybe 2) celebration left and I'm glad it is spaced out a bit from the rest of the chaos.

* * *

How was your holiday celebration(s)?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Lists

 I asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas gifts this year...

A House

Tree Forest

A Jeep
Big Legos
A Surprise

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Louisville Slugger Club

Unfortunately I was inducted into it this evening. I went up to the chicken house to get the eggs before they had a chance to freeze (it was chilly today) and when I walked in, the chickens didn't come running at me expecting treats like usual. Hmm, that was odd. Also, the hens were making weird noises, all flustered as was Tom. So I checked the first room for eggs, none. Went to the back room and shone my flashlight in the corner nest where they like to lay and there it was, the big ol' opossum. Great. We keep our Louisville slugger right outside the chicken house so I grabbed it. I don't like being in the club, but I am now. We've lost enough chickens recently, we'd like to not lose more. Plus, it obviously ate all the eggs. The chickens have been on lockdown since the dog incident a week and a half ago, so the opossum must have squeezed through a gap above the gate on the run and let itself in.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sleeping Beauties

Mason spent the afternoon with Grandma Jackie decorating her Christmas tree and making cookies. I took Elliot and Finnley to town to get some groceries. It was nice having two kids for a short while, even if I did forget my list at home. I did remember my camera though. These silly girls think they don't need to nap anymore, but a car ride will do the job every time.