Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Saturday, May 8, 2010


We had our doctor appointment on Monday. It was a very short visit, of course we waited for about 45 minutes. When it came time to listen to the heartbeat, she warned us that we wouldn't hear it right away and it may take a while to find it. Well when she said that, we didn't know it would take like twenty minutes (it wasn't really that long, but it sure seemed like it). I kept looking at her to see if she was showing any signs of worry (like we were feeling) and she just kept smiling with a hint of annoyance. Now, I get to pee in a cup before we go into the examination room, but I already had to pee again, because we had been waiting that long. The doctor was now all kinds of pushing on my bladder, that part was not fun. We kept waiting to hear a heart other than my own. Then, there it was. A heartbeat that was way to fast to be my own with a nice background beat of my good old ticker. It was a very rhythmic duet playing on that little speaker. Every once and a while, the baby would throw in a little click; the doctor said that was the little one moving around. We were pretty relieved and very happy.
We celebrated by eating at Subway on our way home. It just isn't as good when you have to avoid all the lunch meat. You are left with four choices. This is probably one of the things I miss the most. I can't just throw together any old sandwich for lunch... it was so convienient.
Upon our arrival home, we wasted no time letting everyone know that our baby has a heart that beats. It felt good to be able to finally share the secret. I still haven't told my students, but I figure I will tell them the same day I tell them that I resigned... that way one thing will overshadow the other.