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My Memories Suite Giveaway.

So far, I've had a lot of fun playing around with this program.  It is complex enough that there are lots of things to do with the software, but it is simple enough that I figured out how to use it very quickly and easily.
There are templates you can use, backgrounds to choose from, and little embellishments to add.  Or, you can start completely from scratch and design your own.

My Memories Suite isn't just for scrapbooking.  Here are some other things you can do:

Here are the things I've been making.
I have wasted a fair amount of time, it can be addicting.
And, we all know how I need to waste more time on the computer.

And I'm thinking of making a cute little invitation like this for Mason's birthday.  What do you think?

I don't have Photoshop or any fancy schmancy software on my computer to do things like this.  And if I could afford something like that, it would take me a while to figure out how to use it.  But now, I have a place to play with the hundreds of pictures I take every month.  I mean week.  Okay, day.  The hundreds of photos I take every day.  This is just what I needed.

To enter this giveaway:
Go to and comment below on something you saw and liked.
Follow my blog in some way/shape/form.  You know, GFC, Facebook, Twitter, email subscription... Be sure to leave a comment telling me you do.  I'm not a mind reader, folks.

If you don't win? You still win, kinda. Use the code below to get $10 off your purchase of the My Memories Suite software, AND $10 to spend in the store.

Here is that code:  STMMMS98652

This giveaway will end October 3rd. At 9pm. Sharp.
Good luck!

**By the way, I did get this software for free in exchange of writing a review.  But, there are no lies here, I really do like the software.  I'm not that much of a sellout.

Miscellany Monday.

1. No word on the offer we put in on the house.  It is a short sale, so no surprise there.  Yet, we are anxious to hear something.

2. Mason has given up crawling. He's decided walking is a much better mode of transportation.  That didn't take very long.

3. Groceries are expensive.  That's all.

4. I weighed Mason at my parents house this weekend and according to my math, he weighs 23 pounds.  So, either my math is bad, their scale is bad, or he's gained 4 1/2 pounds since his 9 month appointment.

5. Tomorrow I will be doing a giveaway.  I don't necessarily want to clog my blog with such things, but heck, I got free software out of this deal.  So, a giveaway I will be having.  If you stop by, maybe you can get free software out of the deal, too?  Here's something I whipped up with it.

6. The Asian beetles are back and I'm not excited about this at all.  But, the beans must be harvested.

7. Speaking of the beans, I really like this picture of my puppies hopping through the field.  It just showcases what they're truly like so well.  Border collies have lots of energy.  And they jump pretty high, too.

8. Mason has this set of blocks that we picked up at a consignment store a few weeks ago.  He waits patiently while we stack them up, and then gets really excited and knocks them down.  We cheer and clap and so does he.  Well, he tries to clap and it is the silliest/cutest attempt at a clap I've ever seen.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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Dejigle Giveaway Winners.

Winner of the baby leggings........

Winner of the greeting cards.......

Winner of the coasters.........

Check your email :)

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House Hunting.

On Saturday we put an offer in on a house.  We've decided we want to move into town because
A. We sold our truck and now only have one vehicle, which leaves Mason and I stranded when Tyler is at work.
B. Tyler will be able to walk to work, therefore saving on gas (and we won't be stranded any longer).
C. To feel more like a part of our new community, since now we live outside a completely different town in a completely different school district than my husband teaches in.
D. More entertainment for the little guy and me (library, park, grocery store..) that we can walk to.

So, here's a peak at our dream house:

The kitchen.

The bathroom.

Tyler's Basketball Room.

The backyard.

Isn't it.... perfect?

Well, here's the house we actually put an offer in on.

The yard is severely overgrown.
The kitchen is teeny tiny.
The carpet is gross.
There is a dead tree that needs cut down.
The is a fallen tree that needs hauled away.
The toilet is pink.
The second bathroom is also the hallway from the garage to the basement.
The windows are old.


We like it.  And we have some big dreams.  BIG dreams.

Now, we just need buy it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Months.

Dear Mason,

You've reached double digits.

You're getting bigger, and heavier I'm afraid.  I still haven't located that scale, but according to my aching back you've gained a pound or so in the last month.  All muscle, I'm sure.

You've been crawling at high speeds pretty much everywhere in the house. You have free reign downstairs when gates and doors are closed accordingly and you go where you wish.  

While crawling is still easier, you've started walking.  It started out as a few steps every few days and has pretty much turned into quite a few steps many times a day.  It is so fun to watch you concentrate so hard on your steps.. and so not fun when you bonk your head when you fall down.

Communication has really developed between us recently. I know what you want and you know what I'm saying sometimes. It is just so neat.  You love to shake your head no, although you really don't know what it means.. except that we're going to "argue" with you and laugh.  You have started shrugging your shoulders lately, too.

You are very generous with kisses. Sometimes though, kisses include teeth.

Some of your favorite things to do are:
-Open and close the gates.

-Climb the stairs.
-Lick the toilet, floor, and other disgusting things.
-Being "scared" by mom or dad.. but no one else, because, well, that's scary.
-Eating popcorn, cheerios, yogurt, apples, tomatoes, cheese...

Things you don't like:
-The vacuum.
-Laying still for a diaper change.

-Sitting at the table for a meal for too long.
-Eating oranges or applesauce.
-Having your face washed.

Keep on growing, but be careful where you walk.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Many Faces of Mason Richard.

The "conversation" face.

 The "are you still there?" face.

The "I'm sneezing" face.

 The "Look how happy and cute I am, can I have a graham cracker?" face.

The "I need a nap" face.

The "food is better when you rub it all over your face" face.

The "did you just dump water on my head?" face.

 The "I've got a Cheerio stuck to my chin but I don't know it" face.

 The "I'm about to pull this kitty's tale" face.

The "sweet and innocent" face.