Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Taste of What's to Come.

While I'm at my parents' house, I'm obviously using their internet. Well, it is super slow and I'm surpised I can even get this photo uploaded. I hate uploading pictures onto my blog anyhow because it takes forever (even with fast internet). So.. until I get a speedier connection, all those Christmas pictures and stories shall remain status: "Coming Soon."

Post Christmas Post.

We made it through the Christmas celebrations! It was fun for everyone to meet Mason and hang out with him. He made it through without getting sick, so far. My fears were unnecessary. Of course, I was concerned for myself, too. I'm worried I will have to go on antibiotics and not be able to nurse him. I don't have a backup stash in my freezer yet, so we would have to resort to formula :-s I was going to pump every day, however, I forgot some essential pieces to my pump making that a little impossible. When my pieces and I are reunited, I will begin to stock the freezer.
Good news--my dear friend, Amy, is being induced tonight!!! She is due January 4th, but had high levels of protein.. so early baby it is! I'm so excited for her and can't wait for her to experience having a bitty baby of her own. Mason is also excited for his future best friend to be born.
Today I started researching silent reflux and am now convinced Mason has it. The supporting evidence in form of symptoms:
-sour breath (smells like rotten milk)
-wet burps (always sounds like something is going to come up)
-coughs/chokes while eating
-cries during/after feedings, sometimes can't finish
-doesn't sleep well
-arches back after eating
Silent reflux is just like regular reflux, but instead of spitting up, that junk is swallowed. So it burns on the way up and the way down. Poor baby. (assuming he has it)
I called the doctor and left a message and am awaiting a call back now. I'm hoping she'll give us a prescription, but won't hold my breath. The time for his 2 month checkup is coming up (even though I haven't made the appointment yet) so maybe she'll want to wait until then.
He's been sleeping almost all day. I thought we did pretty good last night, maybe I was wrong? Hope this hibernating business has no effect on tonight!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Schedule

Unfortunately, since Tyler is a basketball coach, we never get the true Christmas break most teachers get. So, here is our plan for this year:
12/22 - Mason and I travel down to Grandma Kim and Grandpa Tim's house.
12/23 - Tyler has school and a far away game.
12/24 - Tyler comes down to join Mason and I, bringing the dogs to drop off at Gary's. We have church (probably at 4?) and celebrate Christmas at Great Grandma Bev and Great Grandpa Rick's house.
12/25 - Since Aunt Lindy has to work, we won't be having our regular Christmas morning. We'll be going up to Great Grandma Jackie and Great Grandpa Roger's house in the evening.
12/26 - We will be waking up early to have "Christmas Morning" before leaving for central Iowa. Noon is at Grandpa Mike and Grandma Barb's.
12/27 - Christmas at Nanna Deb's. Leaving in the afternoon to go back to SW Iowa.
12/28 - Tyler returns to snowy Minnesota with the dogs. Basketball tounament.
12/29 - Basketball tournament continues.
12/30 - Basketball game in South Dakota.
12/31 - Mason and I go home.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mason has started sleeping better at night! Bed is at 11pm, wish it was earlier, hopefully soon we can change that. He wakes around 2 to eat, then again between 4 and 5, but it is always downhill from there. BUT, that is so much better than it was before. 3 straight hours of sleep feels amazing! I actually have started waking up before he does and end up waiting a few minutes before he stirs. Mason can be one gassy baby. We decided to try gripe water since so many people swear by it. The first couple times he drank it right down, but now he doesn't like the fennel flavor as much. I'm not convinced it works.. wish it did though! He has his "cranky time", which is when he's trying to poop or has gas in the mornings from around 5 to 9 and then again at night from around 7 to bed time. It seems like long streches, but if he gets bounced and talked to, he can be comforted. I feel very fortunate he doesn't have colic! Not sure I would survive.

For a couple nights last week, he slept in his bouncer (in his pack 'n play so I could see him) with the vibrator on. It was the only way he would sleep. Luckily, he's back to sleeping normally.

We took our first family outing on Saturday (12-18). Our car got an oil change and a couple brake lights replaced while we hung out at Aunt Lindy's apartment. We stopped at Target with a moderately long list. Shopping on the last Saturday before Christmas.. not fun. There were people galore. It was very annoying, especially when we had to get a second cart (Mason's car seat takes up a lot of space). We made it halfway through our list and were in the dog bed aisle when Mason suddenly woke up and started CRYING. And, he wouldn't stop. He was hungry. So.. we just went out to the car, Mason all snuggled in a blanket being bounced as we walked. I'm surprised no one stopped me on the way out thinking I was stealing something. Once on the boob, he calmed down and poor Dad had to finish the list with both carts in tow. He got cranky again on our way back to Aunt Lindy's apartment (to get our water jugs, free water!) and didn't stop crying the whole five minutes. Luckily the ride home was a lot more peaceful. We survived the outing!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Month in Review

Dearest Mason,

The first month of your life just flew by. Lack of sleep and overwhelming joy became a staple to my every day. Here are some of the highlights.

You often (almost always) would fall asleep with your hands raised above your head in the "touchdown" position, unless we swaddled you (and sometimes even then). When we got home from the hospital, your first mail was awaiting you in the box. It was from your Great Grandma Jackie and Great Grandpa Roger.
You love your girly swing. Granny Deb bought if for you before she knew you were going to be a boy. She was just so excited she couldn't wait and went with pink. You don't mind though. This is the only way I could get things done during the day is by putting you in the swing. You very much prefer to be held and will wake up almost instantly when set down, so we spent a lot of time watching tv (more so me than you).Your first few baths at home were sponge baths until your owies healed. You didn't mind them too much, but of course didn't like being cold. Sometimes after baths we'd let you air dry and give your butt some breathing time out of diapers before dressing you. Once while in your towel you peed on me and once on Grandma Kim. The first person you peed on while getting your diaper changed was your dad.. he wasn't the last, however. Your first Thanksgiving was pretty low-key. We weren't ready to journey to family yet, you were only 2 1/2 weeks old. So, we stayed home and your Aunt Lindy came over to join us. We had hot dogs, mac and cheese, carrot sticks, apple sauce, and crescent rolls.. well, you had milk.
You loved your first (and second, but not your third) real bath. We call it a whale bath, since your tub is a big, blue whale. We set a portable heater on the table to keep it warm.

The first time you really spit up, you were in your swing and I was switching the laundry. When I came back and picked you up, you were soaked.. as was the swing. Other than that, you haven't really thrown up or spit up too much. Just a small amount at occasional feedings.

You have also started smiling! I'm not talking "I just got a gas bubble out and it felt good" smiling. I mean REAL smiles! And, of course it melted my heart, and does every time the corners of your mouth turn up.

By the end of the month, your newborn clothes were starting to get a tad small, but could still be worn with keeping a couple snaps undone. The next size up was still too big, but we managed. You also outgrew your prefold diapers and started wearing fitteds and pockets more often, although the one size pockets tended to leak out the legs since you were still a little small for them. On your one month birthday, we went to Dad's basketball game with Grandma Kim and Grandpa Tim. I was worried about all the germs, but you lived through it. So many people were excited to see you (since we had been in hiding since you were born.. it was COLD outside!) You still didn't know your arms and legs exist and often your hands would be your worst enemy. Once you grabbed the pacifier out of your mouth and waved it all over the place. You got so angry because you just wanted it in your mouth!
You love being sung to! Since your Dad could never think of anything to sing, he would sing jingles off of tv commercials, I usually went with Christmas songs.
By the end of the month you were turning your head to see someone talking to you. You recognized me (smell, voice, face) and were so happy to hear Dad's voice when he got home from work. You also could follow things with your eyes instead of thinking they just disappeared forever when leaving your vision.
You make lots of noises, out of both ends. You grunt, hiss, and coo. Your vocabulary consisted of "goo, gee, yi" and other various words. The only times you really cry are when you are hungry and when you have gas. You are a sweet, little baby and we can't wait for what comes next!!!

The wee hours of November 8th.

Headed to the nursery

Proud Daddy.

Grandma Kim.

Nanna Deb.
Grandpa Tim posing in front of the bassinet.. baby isn't a girl like he claimed.
Do we look tired?
Aunt Lindy, so excited!

Grandpa Tim.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Here's the story, folks:

On the night of November 6th, Tyler had to work at the bar, so I was home alone enjoying some tv time, per usual. I had planned on waiting up, possibly till he arrive home, but felt a little off and decided to just go to bed. It was almost 11pm and I was having contractions that hurt. This was new. Of course I'd had the ever famous braxton hicks for a while by then, but nothing that was painful. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't doubled over wishing to end my life in pain, but when the contractions came I felt what is often described as "crampy" in my back. Yeah, my back, a peek at what was to come. So, I'm laying in bed with my cell phone in reach checking it every time I have a contraction. They ranged from 4-6 minutes apart, but I wasn't too worried since I wasn't in a significant amount of pain and they always say that first time moms take forever to labor (and my mom wasn't a quick baby popper outer either).

Tyler got home late, around 1am. I was still awake and stayed that way all night. By 5am I had given up on sleep since I was uncomfortable and decided to go downstairs to spend some time on the computer checking up on what labor felt like, just in case I was being over sensitive, ha. By the time Tyler woke up, I had experienced what I believe was the loss of my mucous plug. Of course I had looked it up and results were that most people have babies within a few days. Gah! I didn't want to have contractions for another few days...

I told Tyler that today could be the day and he went in to school to get some lesson plans done, just in case.. nothing like that last minute! Speaking of last minute, only baby's bag was packed at this point. I thought for sure I was going to go well past my due date. I have come to realize that motherly instict of "just knowing" things is a little off. I was sure I was having a girl, nope. I thought I'd have baby late, nope. I should just make predictions and go with the opposite.

Tyler had been at school for about two hours while I was slowly packing my bag, pausing during contractions to sort of bend over and try to relax while they happened. They were definately becoming more painful. I texted Tyler and asked him to please come home. When he got home it took him over an hour to shower and pack his bag (which had of course like 10 outfits in it...) While he was packing, I was still also doing so. Hey, contractions really slow the getting ready process down.

I had called the hospital and let them know I thought I was in labor. In my head I was thinking, "this has to be labor, because if it isn't, I don't want to know how painful it is going to be." We arrived at the hopsital around 3pm. A nurse greeted us and took us back to a room. I was given a gown to change into (which I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to put on and ended up asking for help), got into bed, and hooked up to the monitors. Sure enough, I was having regular contractions, like I didn't already know that. The nurse checked me and said I was only at 2cm. What?! That's basically what I was at my last doctor appointment. How could I have been having contractions for that long and not have changed? We asked if we should call people and tell them we were going to have a baby that day and the nurse said we'd have to wait til Dr. Thone got there. She'd be the one making that decision. So we awaited the arrival of our doctor who was at home catching up on charts. She only lived a block away, so it didn't take long. She checked me and told me I was at 3cm and 100% effaced. I liked her assessment much better. I was instructed to walk around for the next hour or so and that we could inform people of the impending birth.

Before we got up to walk, I had to have a bag of fluids pumped into me since I was a bit dehydrated. While we waited for that, Tyler called our families.

During our walk, Tyler texted our friends and I had contractions. He had the better job, in my opinion. We'd have to stop about every 2 minutes so I could grab on to the railing and dig my head into the wall. Walking HAD to be moving things along. We finally met back at the room with our doc and she checked me again. Up to a 4. That's all. While she was up in there, she went ahead and broke my water. We all agreed to shoot for having the baby by midnight since she had to work at the clinic the next day. Fine by me! It was around 7pm by this point and since Tyler hadn't eaten all day, he ordered some food. By the time his food arrived, I was in enough pain that I needed to squeeze a hand during contractions. Most people have a focal point to help deal during the pain, but I found closing my eyes was good for me. In between my contractions Tyler got to enjoy his hospital chicken patty sandwich and brownie, but when my contractions started, I summoned him to my side so I could grab his hand and he could help me to breathe. I don't know how many times throughout the labor process I heard the phrase "In through your nose, out through your mouth".. but it didn't get old and every time it was said, you'd think it was my first time hearing it since I had obviously forgotten how to breathe in the last minute.

One of the reasons I had chosen to go pain med-free was so that I could walk around during labor, which is exactly what my doctor wanted me to do at this point. Get up and help things along. At this point, didn't want to move. I was fine in my bed. Every time I moved, I have a contraction, why would I want to get up? But finally I decided I wanted to get in the whirlpool. Why not take advantage of the huge tub with massaging jets? However, the nurse said I could only use the shower part because my water was already broken and I could get an infection. I was largely disappointed and settled for the shower. The seat in the tub was on the opposite side as the hand held shower head, and of course it didn't reach.. so we had to get a shower chair and put it as close to the other side as possible and still it didn't reach well. Tyler watered me down for about the next hour. By this point I had gotten used to my back being massaged during every contraction, so he had to do that, too. Oh, did I mention I was having back labor?! I hear it is the more painful type of labor, and although I don't have anything to compare it to, I believe it.

I don't remember my numbers being checked until around 11pm. I do remember how painful it is getting your cervix checked during labor. Am I a complainer or what? Anyways, by 11pm I had reached 8cm. My contractions had been peaking two or three times before going away by this point and were about a minute apart. I was breaking people's hands with my grip and my "breathing" through contractions had turned very vocal. Later my mom said you could hear me outside the door. Luckily we were the only people in the maternity wing (the whole time we were there in fact).

Maybe an hour later my doctor said I should have some pain meds to possibly take the edge off. Fentanyl is what I was given and the only thing it did was make me even more tired than I already was. I would doze off for the 10 seconds I had between contractions by that time. Pain reliever my butt. Added to the contractions now was the pressure! Ah, the pressure. Such a distant memory. It was awful. I thought for sure pushing was right around the corner! I spent some time on the birthing ball bouncing up and down trying to get past those last 2cm. Ouch!!! When I told the nurses and doctor the amount of pressure I was experiencing I was hoping they'd tell me the end was very near. But, they asked if it lasted even when contractions stopped (which wasn't for very long) and of course it didn't, so I was told it wasn't time to push yet. Well, poop.

By 3am-ish (like I was looking at the clock) Dr. Thone checked me again and I was still at 8cm and now my cervix was starting to swell from the baby trying to come out. It was obvious to her (and everyone else in the room.. including my poor sister by the time things got bad) that I was getting super tired and needed some calming down, so she talked me into an epidural. I'll admit that by this point all she had to do is ask and I agreed right away, no hesitation. I just wanted everything to be over with. I was exhausted and tired of hurting.

Not five minutes later, Dr. Thone changed plans and strongly suggested we do a c-section. I did hesitate a little on this one because that was the LAST thing I wanted. But, for baby's sake, we agreed. We were awaiting the anesthesiologist now and he was not coming fast enough! I mean, I knew I was going to get the epidural now and I was not very patient about waiting. When Dave (the epidural guy) got there, he tried to explain things to me, but I'll admit I wasn't listening. Note: don't say important things you want a person to hear to them when they are having a contraction. Silly Dave.

Nurses were bustling around the room and now my mom was in there, too. It was like a beehive. My mom had come in to discuss what had happened last time I have lidicaine (I'm allergic). They tested a speck of zylocaine on my arm before puting it on my back, yay, nothing happened. So, he shot me up, waited for it to numb and then inserted that scary, huge needle (I never saw it, but I've heard stories). I was concentrating hard on NOT MOVING. But, I was still and soon I could feel the cold flow of wonder-drugs drip down my back. Contractions slowly because more and more bearable until I couldn't feel them at all. AMAZING!!!!! Such a relief. It was like I was done.. but there was still no baby. They put my catheder in and I was wheeled to the OR.

I was feeling awesome. Once we got to the operating room, like five people lifted me from my bed to the table. I couldn't feel them touching me, it was weird. The curtain was put up and Dave was giving me the play by play by my head. Eventually Tyler came in (with his scrubs on) to join me. My arms were strapped down and I was shiverring like we were in the Arctic. They covered my upper body with warm blankets, that barely helped. Too much adrenaline. Dave asked me if I was feeling anything. I said I wasn't and he said, "good, they just made the incision", haha. There was tugging and other stuff (remember, I'm drugged now so details are minimal) and soon a baby crying. And crying and crying and crying. Tyler went over to look at him and take pictures and I couldn't see a darn thing. But, even though I heard a baby, and knew they just took a baby out of me, it didn't seem real. I blame Dave and his drugs. But, like 10 minutes later (I don't really know how long) Tyler brough Mason over for me to see. Dave even freed one of my arms so I could touch him.

Then, Tyler got to carry him to the nursery. He said that the whole way there Mason had his eyes wide open and was looking all over the place. I know I've mention his stats before, but he was 7 lbs, 6 oz, 19 inches long. He was pulled out of my belly at 4:12 am. I was now being put back together, which took for forever. Good thing Dave was good company. They eventually finished and lifted me back onto my bed and I was wheeled back to my room. Yay, I survived major surgery.

Finally I was able to hold Mason, unfortunately, I don't really remember doing so as much as I remember it happened. I got to breastfeed him and of course he's a natural (just like at everything else). We were all so tired. My parents, Lindy, and Tyler's mom had been there for quite some time, all having made 3-4 hour trips up for the birthday. Everyone got a turn to hold Mason, Granny Deb (she still hasn't picked out what she wants to be called yet, so granny it is for now) went to get everyone (except me.. yum, liquids) breakfast from McDonalds. We hung out for a while until everyone gave up on staying awake. I hadn't slept in the last 2 1/2 days and was in labor for a good 27 hours (without pain meds, mind you) so I was puh-retty spacey. Not to mention that I was still getting that epidural goodness in my back. Over the next day I only slept a few hours. They'd bring Mason in to nurse during the night and during the day he'd hang out with us and there was always company. I did not do a good job of resting. I should have. I know that now.

We stayed in the hospital until Thursday, when we went home. Lot's of stuff happened and people came to visit, but for the sake of keeping this birth story under novel legnth I believe it should end here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a baby!

Mason Richard Morris was born on 11.8.10, weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and was 19 inches long. Birth story - to come. He's now a month old!!! Seriously, I will include more eventually, but he keeps me busy!