Much has gone on since the turning of 20 weeks. We got our ultrasound and not only is everything going wonderfully, but we found out it is a boy!

The thing we've been struggling with since we found out.. the name. We had a long list, my fave: Joby.. Tyler's fave: Dawson. Those names are pretty different. We have been full time brainstorming (even though we have a while before he needs a name) and think we've settled on one. We've been referring to the baby as ----- to see if we like it. Yep, guess it will have to be a surprise!
The other day we got our first taste of baby shopping and now we are hooked. I'll be surprised if we don't go into debt before the little guy gets here just because buying cute baby stuff is addicting!!
Here is what we walked away with one day.


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