Passed my glucose screening, no gestational diabetes here! For some reason I was really worried about that. I try to celebrate often.. yesterday by eating two donuts (which I had been longing for for at least a week, so much they were haunting my dreams) and having a couple glasses of delicious lemonade. The dreaded "glu-cola" I had to drink really wasn't that bad. It was pretty easy to down in under five minutes. It tasted like one of the artificial fruit drinks my sister and I would always beg mom for in the grocery store, the ones with the tinfoil top.

We've done some shopping in the past few weeks. We bought two sets of shelves and cloth baskets to put on them to house the cloth diapers. Here's one all put together.

You can also see in the photo our recent upgrade to the house.. carpet! My parents came up and installed it for us in the living room and parlor. We love it. Makes the house so much easier to clean. We also got a dishwasher via my parents that same weekend. We love when they come to visit because they always leave our house a little nice than it was when they arrived.

Still have the majority of our diapers to buy. I think we've decided to add some fitteds to the mix since they are cheaper than pockets and we have some one size covers that will need to be used for something. Our diaper registry is filled with many different things, just because I'm not sure what we are going to like and what were aren't. Our diaper registry is on http://www.momsmilkboutique.com/.

Our first shower is this weekend and we are excited for it! We will get to visit friends and family we don't see often enough!


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