Is it just me, or does 34 weeks sounds like a lot? The 30s seem to be going by rather quickly, which is JUST FINE with me. The whole not sleeping in your third trimester thing--true. It is so hard to get comfy at night and just when that happens, I gotta get up and pee. The process continues. I have an annoying cold right now with an ever more bothersome cough, that doesn't make things any better. The only thing the cold is good for--classic "how I peed myself the other day" stories. I'll save those for a rainy day.
I'm not so sure my morning sickness isn't coming back either. I have this very reminiscent feeling and it is not a comforting familiarity. Since I leave the house seldomly (on occasion to sub or get groceries) I avoid brushing my teeth some days. I am not a fan of the feeling of unbrushed pearlies, but I just know I'm going to throw up if I stick those bristles in my mouth.
On a lighter note, we've had two wonderful baby showers thrown for us. The first was in Cedar Rapids and Lindsay did a wonderful job with everything. It was fun to see all those people on that side of the state since it doesn't happen often! Here's what we came away with that weekend:
And then, a couple weeks later, my mother threw us a shower at their house and it was just as much fun. Once again we got to visit with people we don't see all too often and came away with some great gifts:


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