Went to the doctor this afternoon. Didn't gain four pounds again this week, phew.. not sure how I managed it last time since I just can't eat like before with the acid reflux. I'm going to blame it on the baby, he's the one that gained four pounds.
At my appointment, all the regular things went on. Got weighed: 155. Blood pressure taken: 98/53 or something very close to that. She listened to his heart beat: 145. Measured my belly: 38-39cm. And, she also checked my cervix, which hasn't occured since week 35 if I remember correctly, at which time I was long and closed. Today, she really got up in there (not the most comfortable thing in the world, that's for sure). Found out I am between 1 and 2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced. Of course any predictions of when labor is going to happen are still just guesses, but I am happy to know that I will not be in the situation of being one week overdue and made no progress whatsoever.
My parents were up here over the weekend and helped tie up some loose ends (cleaning up mouse poop.. another story; organizing closets and rooms; installing carseat bases; finally dumping and winterizing the camper; other important stuff). Not sure we would have got around to all that stuff on our own, so thanks to them I now feel ready to bring a baby to our house.
Baby's bag is packed and ready to go to the hospital, however, mom and dad's is not. That will be something I will get to this week. (If I write it down, it is more likely to happen at least)
I am now off to read my book about breastfeeding and cringe every few seconds when the baby moves his head on my cervix creating a sharp, uncomfortable pain. Soften that cervix, baby!


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