It's Been Nice.

The weather has been amazing here lately. Highs in the 50s and 60s, lots of sunshine, and minimal wind. It actually got up to 68 degrees one day, that was a record setter. Usually around this time of year, it is cold, snowy, blustery.. much like it has been today and yesterday.
We took full advantage of the nice weather, hitting up the park, taking the dogs for walks, and playing in the yard. Mason loves exploring. When there are other kids at the park, he likes to just stare at them playing for the longest time. Eventually he tries to join the action, but isn't quite big enough to fit in with their games. He sure tries though.

Mason likes to collect things such as rocks, sticks, trash, dirt clods. He'll carry them around with him until he needs a free hand to touch something or collect something even more interesting. He also loves to put rocks in his mouth. I'm kind of hoping he'll get over this soon. At least he always spits them back out.

So, while we've been out and about, my house remains in need of unpacking, organizing, yada yada. It has been nice to have an excuse to ignore it, but this snowy, windy weather means lots of time indoors to put things away, read lots of books (over and over and over..), and snuggles.


Adrienne said…
He's just so cute. I wish our kids could have a play-date! And Burkley too loves to read some books over and over. What a fun age. ;)
Skye said…
Awesome! I am cracking up (sort of)at the rocks in the mouth thing. LOL. My daughter ate sand at the beach this summer.... kinda the same LOL. We did the park on that warm day too! Today was like 4 degrees.... a harsh reminder winter truly is here. I long for that 60 degree day to come back!

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