Craft Show - Check

This past weekend, our family traveled to central Iowa so that Dejigle could partake in our first craft show. We didn't know what to expect and I'm glad we came in with no expectations because it wasn't the most successful event. There wasn't much traffic and we didn't sell a whole lot. But, I can cross one of my goals off for the year!
While we didn't make a lot of sales, Tyler and I were excited to make the trip and see our families. We haven't left Nebraska since our last family Christmas so it felt good to get out (way out) of the house.



At least Lindy got some homework time in?



Pool wasn't as big of a hit this time.

Do we have to go?


Barb said…
It was great to spend some time with you guys!!
Skye said…
At least you went & tried! Thats more than most people can say! Next time you'll do even better ;) Great pictures!

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