Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Pictures




Mason's Easter basket goods included sunglasses, sandals, a little tomato I made, bath crayons, socks, fruit leather, and some other snacks. We put honey graham cracker bunnies in his eggs. As you can see, they were hidden very well.








That fruit leather was a big hit. It disappeared in record time.


Easter morning came early, we had to wake Mason up so we could get to church for 6:30 service. I think it is the only time in his life we've woke him up in the morning.


The Double G's stuffed their eggs with cheese crackers and freeze dried mangoes. He loved those.


Mason came to me with each egg he found to help him open it. His reaction was exactly the same for each egg, a smile and a happy "ahh" sort of sound. He's one funny guy.


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Look at that happy kid! He loves Easter! :)