Sometimes Mason doesn't go down for a nap easily. Today was one of those days. He tries to stay awake as long as possible and it totally ends in major meltdown and needing to cuddle with the weirdest things in order to fall asleep. Before it has been cracker boxes, a half eaten cookie, a huge board book with really sharp corners.. random, not comfortable things to sleep with.
Today was no different. He HAD to have his hand in the bag of raisins. He couldn't hold the bag or just touch it. His hand had to be in the sticky bag. So when I laid him down on the bed (asleep), he rolled over a couple times and raisins were now all over the bed. It was really silly, I had to laugh and take a couple pictures.



When he was really, truly out, I took the bag and set it at the foot of the bed. And, you know, the instant he woke up, he wanted the bag back by golly! So silly.


Adrienne said…
Ha ha!!! Hilarious!
Skye said…
LMAO that is classic!! I love it! hahahahaaaaa1 i think our kids go through these weird things now - Julianna HAS to go to sleep with one of her matchbox cars now! WTH? It's not like it's fuzzy & snuggly! hahah!
Amanda said…
Haha!!! What great pictures to have and show when he's older!
Amanda said…
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