Miscellany Monday

1. All three kids are sleeping, woohoo!

2. Yesterday morning, Tyler and Mason took off to go grocery shopping. They drove down the alley and all of a sudden a bird flew in Tyler's face. Ha! There was a bird in the van. I wish I could have seen that. He said he almost had a heart attack and slammed on the brakes. Good thing the bird flew out so early in their journey.

3. The girls have just discovered their voices within the last few days. It is so cute (and funny) to hear the sounds they make. They are also trying so hard to roll over. However, they always get stuck on their sides.


4. We were eating some stir-fry the other night and the soy sauce was on the table. Mason wanted some, so I passed it to him. Being a 2 year old, he decided he wanted to drink it, not put it on his food. So, I compromised and poured some into the cap and he took a swig. He said "mmmm" but the look on his face was priceless. I'm surprised he didn't throw up. Of course he wanted more after that.

5. I really do have more to say, but I know that any second somebody is going to wake up and my post will be forgotten about and go to the land of unpublished/half finished posts. So I shall wrap it up. As Mason would say, after a while crocodile.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters


Emily Powell said…
love your girl's names. so precious!
skye fillmore said…
Hey you got it published! :) Funny about the bird! And the soy sauce- yuck! Julianna has tried to do stuff like that- I guess they live & learn LOL! :)

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