Mason Says

If you hear Mason talking about robbers, don't worry, he's actually referring to lobsters. No need to call the police (wee-o wee-o).

Mason- I like to take baths.
Me- You do? Would you like to take a bath now?
Mason- Nooo!

We often have conversations about the things he likes. Sometimes he starts it in randomly. "Mom, like cars. Like pickup trucks. Like tractors. Like BIG tractors. Like water..." (usually I respond to all his likes) and It is very interesting to see where his brain goes. From vehicles to suddenly food, and then different people. Oh, to be inside the toddler brain.

"Gran-fart". This is what he calls my mom. She'll deny it, but that is exactly what he says.

When he and dad go upstairs to bed for the night, he'll tell me goodnight. Tyler will ask if he wants to say goodnight to his sisters. He usually says, "Goodnight, sister Elliot." What about Finnley? "Goodnight, sister Finn." Pretty darn cute.

He watches TV shows via Netflix on our Wii, so when we turn it on, several shows appear on the screen. Usually he starts requesting every single show he sees, either by title or something in the picture ("Dora" or "boat one!"). By the time you get the one going he wanted to watch, he's already requesting a different one. Today he was watching Caillou and he started to recite the episode. #TVaddiction

Whenever people (dad, grandma, me..) go, we say "See you later, alligator." He responds, "Affer while, crocky-ile."

"Sticks" = Sesame sticks
"Snacks" = Fruit snacks, no substitutions by golly, don't offer a snack unless it is a fruit snack.
"Hot Chocolate" = chocolate almond milk, chocolate chips, chocolate cake, or just plain hot chocolate
"Biscuit" = Triscuit
"Dix" = Disc, like you pull behind a tractor.
"Eatmeal" = Oatmeal

"Go in the car." He requests to do so at least 3 times a day. Usually, his request is denied since he always asks when Tyler has the car at school.

"Dump the soap!" Every time I do anything to do with the laundry, he is eager to dump the soap in. He also likes to push the buttons.

Yesterday Mason fell on his butt, came over to me and told me, "Hurt. Diaper." I asked if he hurt his butt. He said, "Hurt butt. Kiss it." Yes, I did kiss it. And the world was right again.
Today he hit his nose and told me he hurt his booger. So, I kissed his booger.

Does your toddler say funny things? Any words they completely made up?


Alyssa Mathisen said…
I love this!! Yes Aidan has weird little things. Like all dogs are dogoos? But so are hot dogs and sausage links.

I love that you are back to writing!I can only imagine how much time you have to do it. Lol! It makes my day to read what's going on out in your side of the world! Someday I hope to meet your whole beautiful family!
Adrienne said…
I love toddler language! Burkley is a chatterbox and some of the things that make me laugh most often are the validations I get from him from phrases like, "Oh, that's interesting!" or "Oh, that makes sense!" and "Wow, that's amazing!" Um, thank you? haha.

He also replaces any s-blend sound with the letter "f." So, if something is "smart" it is "fart." Or if he is spitting, he is "fitting." Or when he spills, he "fills." It's kind of funny but also so random to me. The only one that doesn't get an "f" at the beginning is "stuck" (thankfully!) and for that he just leaves out the "t", so I often hear him yelling from some precarious spot, "Help, I SUCK!!!" lol :)

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