We're Iowans. Again.

Wondering where I've been? Well, we kinda moved and went a week without internet (gasp!) although I could sometimes sneak a connection with the college network since we live half of block from campus, but that was seldom successful.
Thought I'd pop in to give you a quick, crappy phone picture tour of the first floor of our house. This was about 24 hours after we moved in, so... yeah, it isn't put together. And, while we can walk through each room now and we've made some progress, there is still plenty to do as Elliot and Finnley have spent pretty much every waking moment whining and crying since we changed our address. (Leap 7 in the Wonder Weeks, check it out!) Therefore, we've been putting a lot of focus on those little ladies.
So, short and sweet, I'm off to unpack boxes. Catch you all later.

Bathroom, wallpaper and all!

Living Room

Dining Room


Play Room


We've decided to call this the octagon room.


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