Friday, December 13, 2013

Five Links Friday

Keeping Life Lists I've always thought keeping a list of all the funny things that turn into inside jokes with my family, but have never followed through. There have been many silly memories I'm sure we've all forgotten over the years. Maybe at Christmas time we can try to recall them and write them down.

8 Sensory Activities to fill the Witching Hour

8 Sensory Activities to Fill the Witching Hour We've done sensory activities before, so that part is nothing new, but how smart is it to do it at the time of the day when no one is happy (AKA time to make supper in our house). Brilliant.

How to Handle Anger Toward Your Child Take a deep breath and read this next time your child pushes your buttons.

8 Ways to Kick Colds, Naturally We haven't caught any colds this year (knock, knock!) just tummy bugs and some other dumb virus, but we're prepared.

Getting Stronger From the Inside Out I have a three finger gap (thank you Elliot and Finnley..) I should really get going on doing the exercises before I injure my back.