Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Reading. Catching up on all the blogs I follow! I didn't read any for about a week which puts me really behind. Feedly is telling me I have 526 unread posts, but that seems far fetched. I usually read them when nursing Elliot and Finnley back to sleep after they are in bed but before I go to bed. A couple of my recent faves are this and this.

Listening. We've been rotating through a few Pandora stations lately. Children's bible songs, lullaby station before bed, and then of course the dance cardio station for our dance parties. We have them frequently. Elliot and Finnley love being picked up and danced with. My hip was killing me yesterday and I think that may be why.

Anticipating. The end of basketball season. Have I mentioned that? It will be nice to see Tyler more than one day a week. And to have a partner to tackle bed time with the kids, although that part of the day is getting easier. Tonight as I was laying with Mason he kept telling me how he missed Dad and asking if we could go to Dad's work to see him.

Watching. By day, Animal Mechanicals. Oy. The episodes are only 12 minutes long and in each episode they play the theme song three times. Bet you can guess what is stuck in my head these days. I'm not really sure why, but Mason is obsessed with that show right now and since it is so cold every single day, we've been stuck inside a lot, resulting in more Netflix viewing than I prefer.
By night, pretty much any decent romantic comedy I can find, although I feel like I've seen every one Netflix and Amazon Prime have to offer. Suggestions???

Creating. Paintings, drawings, play dough sculptures, cookies, puppet voices, obstacle courses... anything to entertain the young ones. The girls experienced their first finger painting session the other day. It went well. They both had just one taste of the paint and made some masterpieces in which I'll be shipping off to some lucky people soon.

Hating. About three weeks ago I started no-pooing my hair. Which, if you have no idea why I'm talking about, it means I stopped using shampoo and starting scrubbing my head with baking soda and basically using apple cider vinegar mixed with water as my conditioner (that part I've been doing for a few years now). There's about a three month transition period where your hair is really greasy and yucky looking. I tried this about 2.5 years ago and didn't make it through the transition and I'm remembering why now! I do have a very important wedding coming up soon (Hi, Makenzie!), so I may have to give in and lather up with my Yes to Carrots just for that day.

Loving. The kids playing together without screaming. It doesn't happen all day long, but as time goes by these occurrences become more frequent. I often daydream about how in a couple years they will just happily play together all day long, no screaming, just love and imagination floating through the air. (Shhhh, don't ruin it for me...)

* * *

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Barb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The kids are so cute lined up watching their program!! Glad the kids enjoyed their painting session (and didn't eat much)!! Also anxious for nice weather to get OUT!!!