One Last Time

Sounding like a broken record... We moved! Again! Tired of hearing that? Not as tired as I am of packing up boxes, I can assure you that.
This past year.. more like the last 9 months, we were living in south-central Iowa while Tyler lived out his dream of being a college basketball coach. He enjoyed the job a lot. He was also gone a lot, very busy, and working overtime on part time pay. It was really hard, especially without any family close by.
Long story short (I originally typed out the long story, but it was really boring), we are buying my parents' acreage, the place I grew up, and my parents are building a new house about seven miles away.

This is our last move, for many years at least. We are really excited to be staying in one place and finding permanent places for all our stuff around the house. The house is large enough for our family, the acreage is perfect for meeting our immediate goals, and the location is great as we are near a whole lot of my extended family.

My parents are staying with us until the ground thaws and they can start working on the new place while living in their RV (kinda chilly at night still for that), so we aren't completely unpacked and settled, but we have plenty of time for that. Tyler will be helping them with the build, subbing, and hopefully coaching high school basketball.


Adrienne said…
Wow!! Another move!! Well, at least this one's for keeps! :) It's been fun going on your adventures with you via the blog. :) Can't wait for a house tour!

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