Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mason Says

A few noteworthy things Mason has said recently...

"Dad, she looks like a lion!" -- Tyler stopped him mid-stroke as he was drawing lines on Elliot's face with a yellow highlighter. She only ended up with a couple small streaks on her forehead.

"One drink and that's all." -- Whenever someone has old (pop), he asks for one last drink many many times.

Me: Mason, do you want to put the soap in the dishwasher?
Mason: Of course I will help you, you are my best friend.

"Zaunt Zinzey" -- What he calls his Aunt Linsday.

*Watching the sprayer in the field*
Mason: I want to grow big so I can run as fast as the sprayer. I'll be like a superhero."
Me: What will your superhero name be?
Mason: J.G. McGuillicudy.

I'm throwing the ball for Jax..
"Wow, your arm is really long, mom."

Mason tries to throw the ball for Jax, but it goes straight up in the air and a little backwards instead. He keeps staring straight ahead for about 10 seconds, waiting for the ball to land. Then he realizes it isn't landing.
"Oh no, the eagle got the ball!"

Mason is sitting in the tent playing the Kindle while I'm nursing Elliot and Finnley to sleep for their nap. He runs over to the bed in a loud whisper, "Mom! I farted!"

Grandpa came home with a new Bobcat skid loader the other day. I caught Mason trying to sneak out of the house and asked him what he was doing.
Sniff sniff. "I just want to see the cat bob."

What silly things have your little ones said lately?