Thursday, August 14, 2014

Morris Vacation 2014

Okay, so it wasn't really a vacation. We traveled a whopping two hours away, stayed one night in a hotel, and that was that. But for fun Tyler and I called it our big family vacation of the year, and it was sorta refreshing like a real vacation. Our destination was Sioux City, Iowa, and the reason we went was to buy a truck. We swam in the hotel pool twice, went out to eat, and went to two playgrounds. 

Mason was in Heaven. He loves to swim and we don't do it often. By the way, those puddle jumpers are awesome and totally worth the purchase. Mason swam and jumped into the pool all by himself majority of the time after he got the hang of it.  

Finnley loved jumping off the side (into my arms). She's say  "Again! Again! Again!" immediately after her leap. We'd go side to side, she'd jump in at each wall and wanted to "Swim!" both ways.

Elliot was a bit more hesitant about the water, and once she got in she was content to ride in one of the floaty rings most of the time. She jumped once or twice, but just getting a ride around the water was more her style.

Packing time cartoons.

We stopped at Dollar Tree in town to get a few fun things for hotel room entertainment. Mason got these little pill-looking things that grew into foam vehicles in warm water. He loved them and was so excited to see the change in each and every little capsule.

 Many minutes of entertainment right there.

Morris family vacation kids group photo fail.

The really cool park we went to, it was right on the river. Only thing it was lacking was trash cans.

 Mason chasing his new friend.


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Great pictures Mel! Love the family kid picture :)