By The Way We're Opening A Restaurant

In case the title didn't give it away, we're opening a restaurant! Isn't that exciting? My parents and Uncle Chad went in together on a restaurant in town (was a Danish bakery most of my childhood) and will be renting it to my family and my sister's family. Basically my husband, Tyler, and my sister's fiance, Tyler, will be the dynamic duo running The Flour Mill. I think my sister did a swell job with the logo.

My soon-to-be-brother-in-law, Tyler, just so happens to be a chef, so he's got the kitchen under control. He's got a pretty awesome menu plan, I can't wait to start taste testing!
We'll be open six days a week, serving things like pizza, pasta, salads, some sandwiches, and also ice cream. There's been discussion about using the day we're closed for the women folk (me, Lindy, and our mom) to get in the kitchen to do some baking, Danish rye bread, pastries, desserts, etc. I'm loving that idea.
Right now there's a little rearranging going on inside, trying to add more seating and make it look a little different from before, although everything is in very good shape. My husband has been searching all over for different kitchen equipment they'll be needing, he pretty much spends a forth of his life on Craigslist these days.
There's lots of hoops to jump through before we open. Small business ownership stuff, restaurant safety stuff, licensing stuff, STUFF. Our goal for the grand opening is October 15th, but no guarantees. We all know curve balls are quite common in life.

Find The Flour Mill's Facebook page {HERE} if you want to follow along with us.


Anonymous said…
Such exciting news!!
Congratulations xxx

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