Thursday, October 2, 2014

Elliot and Finnley - On Your 2nd Birthday

Finnley woke up first and Elliot slept in a bit with me.

I made chocolate chip oatmeal muffins for breakfast. We sang Happy Birthday to you both. Elliot, you did not want to take part in blowing out your candle at all, but Dad and Mason stepped up.

I lost my memory card for my camera the day before, so I had to capture the morning via crappy Kindle pictures.

You each got one present from us to open. Finnley, we gave you some color wonder markers and paper. Elliot, you got some new feeding equipment for your babies. You went straight to playing with your new goodies. Mason was really sad he didn't get a present.

Aunt Lindy stopped out (and brought me a memory card!) to play for a while.

We watched and then went out to play with the birds.

 You picked out your own outfits.

You helped Mason collect sticks to build a campfire.

You took no nap, as that has been a recent trend.

You had ham, cheese, peas, cucumbers, and juice boxes for dinner.

We went up to Grandma Jackie's to play. She gave you each a present, puppies in purses. Mason didn't get left out this time, he got a semi truck that you can take the wheels off. She served us ice cream and cookies, even Elliot ate the ice cream (she usually isn't a fan.)

On the way home I gave you all a graham cracker so you wouldn't fall asleep as we were going to go home, eat supper, and go to bed. But, Finnley was asleep before we even left city limits. I woke you up when we got home, Finn, sorry.

It was a good day. Happy Birthday you two year olds!