We traveled a couple hours to celebrate Thanksgiving with family this past week. It is always lovely to catch up. One subject that came up was our new dog, Sunflower. Tyler went on and on about how awesome she is. She's so sweet, calm, low maintenance, basically everything we could ask for in a dog. I completely agree.
Then we came home from our trip to six dead pullets (young female chickens) scattered across the yard. It was no doubt Sunny, as she got one more the next day despite my close eye on her. We really want to keep her as she still is the best dog ever, minus this huge flaw. For now we're keeping the birds on lock down as she won't stay in our fenced yard. It is quite cold, so they probably wouldn't venture out far anyhow.
Our neighbor stopped by to get some eggs today and she mentioned her relative used to tie the dead chicken to the dog. We don't have time to sit and train her like we want at this time, so we decided it was worth a try. I duct taped one of the dead birds to her collar and she had to drag it around all day (could still jump over the fence with it of course). By the end of the day, just the leg was left attached.. so I'm not sure it will work. Hoping!

The look of guilt.


Anonymous said…
I'm not sure that's the look of guilt. She will be a great dog once she gets out of the puppy stage.

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