Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Catch Up, Mustard

Here's what the beginning of spring has looked like on our farm.

Poor birdie flew into the window (happens quite a bit), I picked him up before a cat could snatch him and right after the picture he was able to fly into the trees to finish his recovery.

It was like wild animal rescue week here, we spared a few baby bunnies from the jaws of the cats and dog and tried to nurture them but failed.

My garden before any planting took place.

We burned the pasture on my birthday and a couple weeks later started seeing the lovely green return.

Duck eggs!

This is what happens when you don't listen to Mommy. When she says stop, you should stop otherwise you might just walk through a big patch of stinging nettles...

We did our first IMAX movie at the zoo since it comes free with our membership and somehow made it through the whole 45 minute show. Probably won't be doing that again for a while however.

Our first hatched babies that came from our own chickens. So far we've hatched two purebred Iowa Blues and one Iowa Blue/Rhode Island Red cross (yellow one). We had another that didn't make it and almost had a duckling but didn't make it past the pip. We have a new incubator on its way as ours is quite unreliable.

 7 new ducks that are much bigger now and an assortment of purchased chicks.