Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Future Coop

Back view.

In front, where the runs will be.

We finally made a little progress on our future coop location. The coop the chickens and ducks currently reside in is one major patch job. The roof has a tarp over it to keep rain out, there are boards rotting off, the door is about to fall off, and the floor boards are uneven and nails are popping up making it very hard to clean out. We're lucky to have other buildings on the acreage that were used as hog houses over 15 years ago before my dad left that arena.
As you can see we have a lot of work ahead of us, but at least we have a start. We have a plan and the windows are covered with chicken wire, plus I got a bunch of weeds chopped down. We'll be getting a curtain to keep the elements out, like there once was before time took it's toll. The building will be divided into 4 separate pens so we can do some breeding down the road. There will also be an outdoor run for each pen we'll put in front of the building.
The kids had so much fun while we worked. They rode their bikes and ran around inside. They played school bus on the livestock chute for quite some time. It is awesome seeing your kids pretend in the same environment you did as a kid. Lindy and I had so many adventures on this farm growing up, and our kids are just dipping their feet in. There is so much they have yet to discover.