Our New Coop

The photo above was from the beginning of this summer. We had just started to make progress on the building. The photo below was today (view from opposite side of the building, but you get the idea).

We made slow progress (mostly Tyler) on our new birds' home, until the day we had to leave for vacation. We worked all day in the extreme heat and finally moved the chickens, ducks, and geese in that late afternoon and were able to leave the farm for a week starting that night. We wanted them to be able to stay on lockdown while we were gone, but the old coop was just too crowded. They have plenty of room to spread their wings now!

Bonus, we are getting eggs galore again which hasn't happened in a while. They had been laying here, there, and everywhere on the property except in the coop. Hopefully they are trained to do so inside now before we get back into free ranging mode.
We will be adding four more pens inside the building so that we can do some breeding in the future. Also, we have not even begun adding on the outdoor runs. But, the big move has happened and that was top priority!


Barb said…
It looks great! Boy have I fallen behind reading your blog :( Great pictures Mel!

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