Interview With 5 & 3 Year Olds

Who are you going to marry when you grow up?
Mason - Elliot and Finnley
Finnley - Lindy
Elliot - Hadley

How many babies are you going to have?
Mason - 5
Finnley - 3
Elliot - 100

What will your first baby's name be?
Mason - Jakey
Finnley - Adaline
Elliot - Adaline

What are you going to be?
Mason - A dad firefighter. Elliot and Finnley will stay home and guard the babies. And a farmer.
Finnley - Policeman
Elliot - A fairy

What is your favorite food to eat? To cook?
Mason - Pork and tuber soup. Garlic bread noodles
Finnley - Bananas. Bananas.
Elliot - Grapes. Ravioli.

Favorite Book?
Mason - The Prince Has a Boo Boo
Finnley - Puppy Love
Elliot - Hansel & Gretel

Favorite Color?
Mason - Cornflower
Finnley - Pink
Elliot - Purple

What do you like to do outside?
Mason - Clean the chicken house and haul new straw with my tractor.
Finnley - Play basketball
Elliot - Play with Pongo (kitten)

Favorite Drink?
Mason - Mystic Mango Kombucha
Finnley - Old (our word for pop, she does not drink this for the record)
Elliot - Chocolate Almond Milk

What do you like to play inside?
Mason - Tag with Dad
Finnley - No answer
Elliot - Horseland

Favorite Toy?
Mason - Legos
Finnley - Train Tracks
Elliot - Puzzles

Favorite Animal?
Mason - Buff
Finnley - Ponies
Elliot - Zebras

Who is your best friend?
Mason - Abigail
Finnley - Sumo (cat)
Elliot - Pongo (aforementioned kitten)

Favorite Song?
Mason - Insects Are All Around Us
Finnley - The F Song {Listen Here}
Elliot - Chicken Bop {Listen Here}

Favorite Dessert?
Mason - Swipers (pie crust, butter, cinnamon, sugar)
Finnley - Cake
Elliot - Swipers


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