I ripped out all the tomato plants and planted garlic and flower seeds in their place.

We had a birthday party for the kids with nachos. And then had nachos for the next four meals, give or take. We are nacho-ed out. 

We said goodbye to our turkeys, two made it to the freezer but one (Baby, the one that had NEVER been handled by humans) escaped its fate.. at least for a day until it refused to go back in that night and ended up a coyote snack. Sigh. 

Home sweet home.

Sick, the tom cat. He looks rough and has been sick his entire life.. but somehow he lives.

Acting like turkeys after the other turkeys "moved out." 

I cannot believe how big those trees by our house have gotten over the years. 

Seemingly treacherous way up to the hay loft.

You can hardly see, but where the grass looks dead is our small orchard. Hopefully it will look much different in a few years! 

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