Thursday, January 12, 2017


Tuesdays here are pretty opposite of every other day of the week. On Tuesdays I head into the restaurant in the morning to do the baking for the week. I make cinnamon rolls, Danish rye bread, pies, cakes, bars.. those sorts of things. It is fun, and I've got to experiment with so many different recipes. We've got our staples, but I get to mix it up, too.
While I am doing that, Tyler stays home with the kiddos--his one day off. They love this time to play with him, especially since they don't see him often (extremely true in the winter months, aka basketball season). The house is usually reflective of their playing when I get home, but that doesn't bother me so long as they got their fun time in with their Dad.
Tuesdays are opposite because most other days, Tyler is at work. He basically wakes up in the morning, gets ready, starts the car (and tends the chores while he's outside), says goodbye and heads into the restaurant. In the afternoon, he comes home for 3.5 minutes while he changes into basketball practice clothes to go do his coaching for the day 20 miles in the opposite direction. After practice he heads back into the restaurant to see through the day to closing and then stays late to finish any prep he didn't get done earlier in the day. Lately I've been going to bed before he even gets home at night. That guy has been working hard.
So, you see why the kiddos are always excited to play with Dad? He took three whole days off from coaching and we closed the restaurant over Christmas. Guess who was sick for those days and pretty much didn't move off the couch? Yep.. well executed random virus. Well executed.

Last Tuesday I came home from work (feels funny to call it that, but I suppose it is) and Tyler left for a basketball game. Mason took his drone outside to do a little outside flyin'. Well, it flew. And flew... right over the silos and into the field. That little thing speeded out of our sight in about four seconds flat. We got our search party together and headed in that direction. Well, the search party kinda turned into playing/exploring/digging for treasure party so we didn't find it. (No worries, Grandpa did some more successful searching the next day). But we did have a great time outside, seems like we hadn't played out in the fresh air forever between everyone taking a turn being sick, holiday get togethers, and really cold, windy weather.
We were a bit late to get in for supper and consequently bed, but it was worth it. All around a great day for the little people of the household. Time with Dad, time with Mom, time outside.. and did I mention chocolate chip cookie dough cake? Yeah, that, too.