Wednesday, October 4, 2017

August & September Bullets

  • Elliot and Finnley turned 5 years old. Their birthday video is HERE
  • We went on a lot of walks near home.
  • A little vacation to Eastern South Dakota brought on by an interview for asst. college basketball coach job for Tyler. He got the job.. but we declined and returned home.
  • Lots of rock collecting and polishing.
  • Our niece, Abigail, came for her annual week long stay. She asked early afternoon every day if it was bed time for the kids yet. Ha!
  • We were vendors at the Elk Horn Farmers Market again.
  • Many mommies sat on nests and some succeeded in hatching several (unplanned) baby chicks.
  • We said farewell to Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Roger till Christmas.
  • Took the kids fishing for their first time. They were surprisingly patient! Unfortunately no catches for them but they still want to go again.
  • My too many tomato plants didn't do well, because I didn't water them and it was DRY. But we got a great amount from the few plants I got mulched. Amazing the difference that makes.
  • We added two more gal kittens to the group. Pumpkin Butter Morris and Moon Star Gracie.
  • Lots of dentist appointments. Plus I got my 4 wisdom teeth out.
  • Sunday School started and so did lessons with my piano students.
  • Many get togethers with friends and family.


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