Grandma Clips

Poor Grandma. 

A text exchange...
Me: Are you coming over our way again today?
My Mom: Yes.
Me: Can you bring your hair cutting scissors, kids want their bangs trimmed.
My Mom: Ok.

Aren't Grandmas great?

It wouldn't look as good if I did it, mostly because I lack the tools but also the skill. My grandma cuts my hair, too, when I ask her. I guess it is an accidental tradition. I have some time before grandchildren come into my life so I can yet get myself a scissors and some practice to keep this tradition going.

Don't they look cute with their fresh trims? Elliot had already cut her hair recently, if you couldn't tell. She's big into the secret DIY hair-styling. You'll know the mood has struck when you happen across a big chunk of hair randomly on the floor.

Who cut your hair when you were a kid? Did you (or your kiddos) ever cut your own hair?


Austine Lab said…
I have read your blog and i am gone through it. Actually I need a trainner who has his hand set on Hair Cutting Scissors as his own number on finger tips. Did you have one? and can you please guide me further?

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