Photographer Finn

I just want to take a moment of silence to radiate my thankfulness of digital photography.
Thank you.
I recently went through my big old box of printed photographs and I'm not sure how some have made it through all the years. There were some from my childhood of our stuffed animals lined up ready for family pictures. Some of my friends acting out a story photo-journalism style. And there was a healthy array of on the brink of too blurry to keep.
All these circa-early 90s pictures made me grateful I do not have to pay to have film developed for my kids to be able to practice their photography skills. I'm especially thankful when I set to the task of deleting photos off the Kindle to free up space and there are approximately 468 identical photos of one toy. A couple taps of my finger and buh-bye. No need to run to the pharmacy, pay for prints only to discover they are all destined for the garbage anyway. Okay, maybe I'd keep one?
Finnley loves taking pictures with my camera. And I love letting her. Here's a few of her favorite recent shots.


Barb said…
She takes GREAT photographs!

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