Expectation Vs. Reality: Wisconsin Edition

We have officially been residents of the state of Wisconsin for a good several months now. I would have to say that overall our transition here has been smooth. I thought I'd do some quick thinking about some ways we thought things would be when we got here to how they have actually turned out.

Expectation: People will be friendly just like in Iowa, it is still the midwest.

Reality: Not exactly. There are friendly people, but not enough. People don't wave from their car, you're lucky to get a hello and/or smile when meeting someone on the sidewalk, and our closest neighbor is not what I'd call neighborly at all. I guess it could also be a bigger population thing, but there is a different kind of nice 'round these parts.

Expectation: I will miss sorely my dishwasher.

Reality: Washing dishes by hand isn't so bad. I wouldn't say I love doing dishes but it really is just fine. I also thought I would hate going back to a two hole sink with a standard faucet that you turn on with hot and cold knobs but it is okay, too. I still don't understand why they exist in the kitchen, it just seems really inconvenient... but I can live with it and not have heart pangs for my old sink.

Expectation: The city of Green Bay is only an hour away, it will be just as easy as heading to Omaha every week or so to do our errands.

Reality: We rarely have to leave town! Everything we need is right here (except our beloved Costco!). I find it very odd that I can go a month at a time without having to drive faster than 35 mph.

Expectation: It will be so much colder and snowier in the winter.

Reality: It may have been a warm year, but the winter here seemed so mild. Almost every day was warm enough to spend time outside (even if only for a half hour or so). We were right about the snow though. I'd have to say that was the best part of the winter here. Once the snow came, it never left. I enjoyed skipping staring at dead, brown fields and instead looking out to beautiful white snow. Now that we are easing into spring it is starting to melt. The north side of the street has big patches of grass showing, but our side of the street still has about a foot of snow left to melt.

Expectation: It will be hard not knowing anyone in the area.

Reality: Yes we didn't know anyone when we moved here and we certainly miss our family and friends from Iowa, but we've also met some good people up here. There are a lot of homeschool families in the area and luckily the kids and I have met some great friends through those activities. People may not be friendly on the street to strangers, but once you get to know them that's when they shine.

Expectation: There will be a lot of mosquitoes and ticks.

Reality: Check back after we actually experience summer here ;)


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