Hello from Amish country, Indiana! We have now been in our new home (rental) for about a week and so far so good.. except for the most painful shower head we have ever met, but that's a story for a different time. Tyler started his basketball coaching job here a couple months ago, but since then we were lucky to find a house, in the country nonetheless, and all are back together now instead of separated by the state of Illinois.

Most of my time recently has obviously been spent unpacking boxes, but we are eager to get out and explore the area more. Yesterday it freezing rained most of the day so while the scenery is quite beautiful out the window, it isn't very inviting to venture to the library today like we were planning. The cars and horses and buggies do seem to be driving by as normal though so there is still a chance.

The house is looking less and less like this!

The hitching post in our driveway.

The donkeys our landlord said we can halter train!


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