Monday, April 26, 2010

Large Lime

Luckily, my throwing up has gotten a little better and I can usually get away with doing so just once, in the morning, almost like clockwork. In the books and online it says that the nausea should now begin to taper off, but I feel like it is going the other way. But, the morning sickness is just a sign that things are still going well so I'm not complaining too much. We have a doctor appointment in one week and will get to hear the heartbeat. We are very anxious for this appointment.. what is the heartbeat going to sound like? what if we don't hear it? what if there is more than one? Anxious.
Another question we have lingering in our brains is after we hear the heartbeat, do we tell everyone? Once the heartbeat is confirmed, the chances of miscarriage are small, but we'd still have two weeks left in the first trimester, which at the end of it the chances go down to 1 percent. I guess we will have some more time to ponder.