Saturday, April 3, 2010


The naseua needs to go away. End of story. They say it only lasts through the first trimester (that's still six weeks, ugh), and some people suffer their whole pregnancy, yikes. I actually just threw up. Outside. In the wind. It was gross, but what is more gross is that the dogs are probably cleaning it up now. It was mostly noodles and bits of blueberry, wildrice brats... with some sort of stomac acid mixed within I'm sure. Pretty much the same thing dog food is made out of. I came away from the scene with an obvious bad taste in my mouth, and as much of a bloody nose I've ever had. Not actively bleeding, but a bloody blow (because, yes, I'm still sick and am constantly coughing up musus and blowing my nose.)
Last night we went in to Sioux Falls, ate at Taco Bell (we ate at Taco John's the other day, it didn't quite fill the taco hole in my soul). It was delicious and cheap, best combination when it comes to going out to eat. Then we decided to go see what was playing at the $4 theatre. Found one, had some time to kill. First things first, had to empty the bladder. But why stop there? Might as well puke while the toilet is right there, right? Done. My delicious taco bell, gone :( Except for the stains I managed to collect on my shirt from the "splash". All a memory.
We saw Blindside, it was good. Except, I coughed through the entire movie. We got up and left at the end before everyone else so we wouldn't have to deal with the "I hate you" stares. In fact, we were half expecting to get the crap beat out of us in the parking lot, but made it home safe.