Thursday, May 26, 2011

Insect Overload.

I used to love bugs. I was the kid on the playground that used to pluck locust shells off of the tree, stick it to my nose, and chase around the other girls. That's normal, right?
My love for creepy crawlies has faded overtime to the point where I flat out despise most of them. My time spent at our new house so far has been far from insect-free. In fact, as I look around me, I see a spider where the wall meets the ceiling and flies annoyingly buzzing in three different windows. I've killed 27 flies in the past 5 hours and they keep reappearing from who knows where.
A few nights ago I opened the door to let the dogs in and one of my worst enemies flew in. The June Bug. Cute name, disgusting in every other way. Actually, three flew in. I ran away from them flailing my arms all over the place making sure they did not land on me. When I heard them stop buzzing around, I grabbed the fly swatter and things got messy from there.

The murder scene (Warning, gross bug picture, scroll really fast if you don't want to see it):

I had to clean this up.. and I didn't have any paper towels in the house.  But, I lived through it.

There was another unfortunate instance that made me abandon my bedroom all together.  I was laying in bed (just Mason and I, my husband was still in Minnesota) and I felt something in my hair.  Before I could feel what it was, it started crawling on my forehead.  It was a spider.  CRAWLING ON MY FACE.  This wasn't a little spider, or an innocent daddy long legs.  This was a good sized, hairy creature.  I quickly brushed it off and it sat on my pillow.  Our eyes were locked.  I looked around for something to kill it using my peripheral vision (I couldn't look away or it would bolt!).
Mason was laying on a flat cloth diaper, so I pulled it out from under him and positioned it into my had so I could grab the sucker.  I made my move.  I missed.  It darted behind the bed.  I sat there, hugging my pillow and rocking back and forth not knowing what I should do next.
I couldn't lay back down.  Maybe if it was a small spider, but it wasn't.  It looked like this:

You try sleeping after this crawls across your face!

So, I ended up moving upstairs to a different bedroom and haven't returned yet, even though I did spray the room that night.  Maybe if I spray it 7 more times.  Or see the spider dead, I'll think about reclaiming my old bed.
I prefer having bugs in my house to living with mold.  But, I certainly wouldn't mind if they all moved out and let me live in peace.


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates


If I would have seen a spider like that I think I would have abandoned my house and just moved. haha

Adrienne said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

WHAT???!!! NO WAY!!! That is crazy freaky.